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10 Dental Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

Dental Marketing

Dental marketing can be challenging. Especially as a dentist, marketing might not be your cup of tea.   

Though approximately 50-60% of your appointments will potentially come from referrals from your general dentist associates and friends, most orthodontist practices do not receive a bulk amount of patients with a direct-to-consumer strategy.  

That is why you have to unleash your creative buzz with your dental marketing strategies and get more patients and referrals.  

In marketing for dentists, increasing brand awareness online and boosting patient involvement are fundamentals in creating a long-lasting dental marketing success.  

To put context to these fundamentals, below are four easy dental marketing strategies you can start implementing right now for your dental practice.

  1. Build and Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Creating a Google My Business (GMB) account page helps you build online credibility with your patients.  

Your GMB listing sets a foundation to layout your local SEO dental marketing strategies. It is where you can provide an official statement or informational sources about your dental practice.  

Start by adding your dental practice’s complete information for the GMB listing. You can use high-quality content like blogs or social media posts to help your practice appear on Google search results for your patients who are actively searching for dental services online.   

  1. Optimize Your Dental Website

In marketing for dentists, Your dental website should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be a user-friendly website that is easier to navigate information and a direct call to action to book your dental service.  

Optimize your website by writing important information about your dental service with lesser jargon or deeper terminologies. The ability to convey your website content in a simple, high quality and engaging way will make the consumer journey easier to book you online.  

Make sure that you include your team, office, brief overview and benefits of your dental services, testimonials, and an online chat for users’ customized questions and inquiries. 

  1. Say Hello, To SEO

Investing in a long-term SEO strategy as a part of your dental marketing strategies is equally important as creating an optimized website.  

Patients are using Google to search for their ideal dental office nearby.  

It is also vital to have an optimized Google my business account and website for a better dental marketing game.  

For healthier search engine rankings, check your website speed on google page speed. Double-check your site page structure and remove any cluttered content. 

Optimize your website links, blog title and meta description and make sure that your site is with HTTPS. Build internal links from an authoritative website related to your blog content.  

  1. High Quality and Consistent Content 

Creating high-quality and consistent content will level up your google ranking and online authority.  

Educate your patients about the most common pain points about their dental problems.  

Test different forms of content from written articles to engaging short videos and graphic design for dental holidays.  

Keyword strategy is one of the dental marketing strategies to consider when building content ideas.  

Are you Ready To Rise?  

There are different and easy strategies to make dental marketing easier for you.  

We discussed some of these four easy dental marketing strategies you can start implementing right now for your dental practice. 

However, great dental marketing strategies can only go far depending on how consistent the implementation is.  

As dental practitioners, you may not have the time to do everything to ensure a seamless dental marketing strategy and execution.    

Having a dental marketing agency that specializes in those areas tackled above can help you build a great foundation and level up your dental marketing game in the long run.

To assess which dental marketing strategies you can start implementing, you can book a 30-minute Free discovery call with us today. 

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