A Guide to Hiring the Best Amazon Consultant to Scale Your Business

A Guide to Hiring the Best Amazon Consultant to Scale Your Business

Amazon Consultant

When I started off as a seller on Amazon, I had to do everything myself – be it understanding and wading through Amazon terms and conditions to trying to figure out customer reaction to a price line or the way the Amazon product was listed. I had to even do the FBA Listing Optimization myself.

Today thankfully, there are Amazon consultancy services for everything from Amazon it support services to creating Amazon product categories list and even vendor central consultant. In fact, I no longer handle my Amazon seller account myself. Everything is taken care of by the best Amazon consultant and product listing services provider.

I no longer have to bother about competitor pricing, stock levels, returns and even reviews. Gone are the days when I used to get one negative review for every two positive reviews. A study I did made me realize that the negative reviews were because of wrong perception created in the minds of the customer. And this I realized, was happening due to bad product description and poor FBA Listing Optimization.

Whenever I checked the Amazon list of products, my products would either not be visible at all or, were listed on the 50th page onwards. The result was that sales suffered. Today, thanks to my Amazon listing consultant, not only have my Amazon sales quadrupled, my Amazon product descriptions have consistently resulted in good reviews leading to more sales.

I also no longer receive warning notes from Amazon about breach of some complicated terms of service. Not that I was willfully doing it mind, it’s just that some of the Amazon terms of service are difficult to understand.

Another advantage of having a product listing services provider or hiring an Amazon consultancy services is that they have in-depth knowledge of customer behavior. My Amazon list of products is accordingly tweaked to get the best possible customer response. No doubt consultancy services cost money but today, I am one of Amazon’s top sellers and the consultancy fees I pay, are only a small percentage of the revenue and therefore, worth the price.

No more errors in the Amazon product listing, no more bad Amazon product categories list or disadvantages Amazon product price. Having Amazon consultancy services insulated me from all the earlier problems.

So, if you are a seller like myself, from my personal experience, I can say that hiring an Amazon consultancy services provider is definitely worth the price and trust me, your sales will more than double.

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