Dr DABBER Light Vaporizer Kit Review

The Dr Dabber Light is a great surprise since it’s a cost-effective and best vape starter pen kit that will deliver. It generates awesome vapor, and you can use it anywhere.

Dr. Dabber Light is a great surprise since it’s a cost-effective and best vape starter pen kit that will deliver. It generates awesome vapor, and you can use it anywhere.

Kit and accessories

  • Dab tool
  • Storage container
  • USB charger
  • Extra mouthpiece and atomizer
  • Dabber Light Vape Pen

The Dr. Dabber Light Kit is compatible with thick oil concentrates such as shatter, honey, wax, and budder.

Official accessories

If you plan to test a different atomizer, you can obtain one with a ceramic coil from Dr. Dabber. Even though the titanic wrapped glass coil’s flavor is good, the ceramic one is better. You can as well get a replacement for the mouthpiece and atomizer if need be. For anything you purchase, ensure you’re using the Dr. Dabber coupon code when making the purchase.

Design and features

The Light is a nondescript vape pen, and this is good if you want secrecy and stealth. However, it’s not that good if you prefer something more distinctive. While it’s not flashy, the vape pen is functional. A blue light which illuminates when power is switched on is one of the styles to expect. These vape pens are 510 threaded, and for this reason, there is versatility if you plan to use it for powering your pre-filled THC cartridges or CBD Vape Kit.

The power button is very prominent and sticks out from the surface of the battery. It may stick out a bit too far for the majority, though. On the positive side, you don’t have to worry if you pressed down on it, or you sometimes have to do with buttons sitting more flush against the surface. On the bad side, it looks a bit strange, and you might press it unintentionally. The Light comes with a tapered mouthpiece that offers a good feeling to vape from.

The device is portable. This is because it is among the smallest vape pens you’ll ever come across. It’s even smaller than the real pen and so you can travel with it to any place you want.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the device is easy, but you must replace the atomizer after a few weeks based on how often you use the Light. Clean the atomizer by dipping it in a smaller container holding isopropyl alcohol for up to 30 minutes. Then, remove it from the container and allow it to dry before you reuse it again.

Procedure for usage

  • Take out the mouthpiece to expose the coils
  • Dab wax onto the coils and the substitute the mouthpiece
  • Press the power switch at least five times to switch on the Light
  • Inhale your cannabis from the mouthpiece when holding down the power switch

Voltage setting: the device has a one voltage setting that isn’t specified by Dr. Dabber.

Performance and vapor quality

The vaporizer performance. The device heats up instantly, and it can’t get hot to be touched. The tapered mouthpiece feels amazing and comes with a lower drawer resistance.

Quality of vapor: the flavor feels amazing with the vape kit than you can expect. A single voltage settings and smaller size had me expecting a fairly weak vapor, and the quality of the vapor is as perfect as larger more than costly vaporizes. You won’t get a burnt taste at the end of the session like what you get with other cheap vape pens. This is due to the fact that the flavor remains strong in the entire session.

Performance of the battery: with moderate usage, the battery can last for a couple of days before you recharge. Furthermore, the battery recharge extremely fast, taking less than 60 minutes even when the battery is very low.


  • Portable
  • Simple to use
  • The kit comes with extra atomizer
  • Impressive flavor production


  • Cleaning is hard
  • Poor batter life


The Dr. Dabber Light is an amazingly perfect budget vape pen starter kit since it offers great flavor quality in a gadget that’s is tiny to travel with. It’s also easy to use even a newbie vaper will not experience any difficulties using it. The only shortcoming of this device is that you must replace the atomizer after a couple of weeks. But besides that, Dr. Dabber offers a perfect vape mod kit that’s available at an affordable price.

Who should use this vape pen: it’s meant for any person who wants a cheap and a simple device. Vapers who love a stealthy vape pen to travel with.

Who shouldn’t use this vape pen: any person who wants a device that comes with an atomizer that lasts longer — vapers who prefer to have additional control over the voltage settings.

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