Rohini Iyer - Awards

Rohini Iyer – Awards

Rohini Iyer
So the anchor of this award function asked me if I plan to build a big shelf or a room for all my awards. I told him I will build a house to house them! Well, for the record, I LOVE awards.
I’m obsessed with winning. I’m obsessed with Friday box office numbers. I’m obsessed with setting goals and smashing them. All I want is everything.

When I was a lil kid ( I still haven’t grown up I think, not even in height hehe ) I used to wait for my report card. Winning trophies was my thing. Even in the lemon and spoon race.

It was never about competing with others. It was always about bettering myself with every trophy, every race, every win.

Ambition is sexy if you ask me. Being unapologetic about your ambition even more sexier. I’ve seen too many women underplay for fear of being called too much . I’m not that woman. I never will be . If I’m too much, go find less. So here’s to celebrating too much and many more awards.

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