Top Best Journalists In Haryana - Here Are the List

Top Best Journalists In Haryana – Here Are the List

There are lot of good news presenters in English news channels but for Hindi news there is a great dearth of good news presenters. Most of the news presenters in Hindi news channels go for sensational news and over hype each and every issue. The vocabulary used by them is replete with larger than life metaphors and idioms. Their expressions are aggressive and dramatic.

Their programs are not very educative and they cater to only non-serious issues or peripheral domains of serious issues leading to the neglect of fields like economy and foreign relations in their coverage. For example if inflation is rising then instead of discussing its causes they will discuss how ‘onions are making people cry’. It is probably assumed by them that non-English understanding population is incapable of appreciating intellectual discussions and all it wants is something sensational

Listed below are some of the roles that a good journalist in Karnal would perform. Unbiased news: One of the basic principles of journalism is to provide.

ON the Basis of Public Poll, Social Media Coverage, News Network and Accurate News Here are the Top Journalist In Haryana.


IBN karnal

1.  IBN24 News Network (Journalist Aakarshan Uppal)

Best News Network in Karnal. “In Present Time the Mean of Journalism is to save Democracy”: ~Journalist Aakarshan Uppal

kamal middha

2. Karnal Breaking News ( Journalist Kamal Midha) 

Karnal Breaking News is also a top Rated News Network in Karnal and surrounding areas. He is Excellent Journalist In Karnal.

karnal news

3. Karnal News 24

Karnal News 24 is good news network Most of the Karnal People Also Seen the Karnal 24 News.

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