5 Signs That You Might Need A Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction

If you have been facing serious problems in your teeth and gums, it might be causing you severe pain. However, you should take enough care from the beginning to avoid mouth problems. This does not only include routine dental check-ups but also includes a healthy lifestyle and good oral hygiene. This is suggested by every dentist in Idaho Falls.

Signs you might be suggested a tooth extraction by the best dentist in Idaho Falls

You might need a tooth extraction in many cases. However, it is difficult to identify problems at only one glance. There are also many solutions available for different problems. If you need a tooth extraction, you must be suffering from serious problems. Mentioned below are some signs that you might need a tooth extraction.

Placement Issues

Problems such as crowding and impaction can be caused if a tooth is misplaced or placed incorrectly during any treatment. These problems result in an inappropriate position of the tooth where it should not be. This can cause deformities like the irregular position of teeth. This happens as many teeth come together in one place and do not have enough space to set properly. This is one of the most common reasons why people need a tooth extraction.

Gum Disease

Any disease that might be infected can cause problems in your gums and teeth. The most common solution to solve this problem is tooth extraction. The rate of tooth decay can also increase as many gum diseases adversely affect the teeth and surrounding area. The disease can get worse in time if not treated properly and at the beginning. This makes a tooth extraction the only solution to avoid spreading of the disease to other places.

Severe Pain and Damage

There are various reasons why your teeth get damaged or are experiencing severe pain. Apart from gum diseases, placement issues, etc., there can be other reasons like accidents, or other serious injuries as well. There can be different solutions. But if the pain is too severe or the damage caused is serious, tooth extraction is usually the only solution used by the dentist in Idaho Falls. You might be feeling severe pain due to a heavy blow to your teeth and gums too.

Tooth Decay

Formation of plaque, unhealthy dental habits, bad diet, etc., are some reasons that can cause extensive tooth decay. It can also lead to damaged teeth if not treated properly in the starting. Tooth decay may not sound like a serious problem but this is not true. It is one of the most common signs where tooth extraction is required. If you take proper care of your teeth, your tooth decay can naturally reverse. However, if the problem persists, tooth extraction is one of the only options that are suggested by a doctor.


Normally extensive tooth decay spreads to tooth pulp as well. This is a negative effect as it can cause serious infections in the teeth and gums. The most common solution is removing one or more teeth to avoid the spread of infection and control it. This happens as infections can spread quickly and lead to problems in other parts of the mouth as well. To avoid such a painful ordeal, a dentist also usually refers a tooth extraction.


These are some important signs that indicate your need for tooth extraction. There are various solutions available. However, tooth extraction is commonly used as a preventive measure to avoid spreading and future problems. The best dentist in Idaho Falls will only refer to tooth extraction if you are facing serious problems from the problems mentioned above. There can be other reasons as well. To avoid this, ensure good oral hygiene.

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