Aikyashree Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

aikyashree scholarship


The Aikyashree Scholarship is a prestigious award presented by the West Bengal Minority Development & Finance Corporation (wbmdfc). Aimed at economically backward students from the minority community in West Bengal, this scholarship promises not only financial assistance but also a brighter future for deserving students. In this article, we will dive deep into the benefits, eligibility criteria, and other essential details of the Aikyashree Scholarship for 2023-24.

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Advantages of the Aikyashree Scholarship

  1. Financial Support: The aikyashree scholarship amount is designed to cater to the academic needs of the students, ensuring they do not drop out of their studies due to financial constraints.
  2. Inclusion: Focusing primarily on minority communities, this scholarship promotes inclusion and reduces the educational gap among different communities.
  3. Encouragement: The scholarship acts as a motivational tool for students to perform better academically.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Aikyashree Scholarship, a student must:

  • Be a resident of West Bengal.
  • Belong to a minority community (e.g., Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsee, & Jain).
  • Be studying in a recognized institution within West Bengal.
  • Have secured at least 50% marks in the last final examination of the board/university.
  • Have an annual family income not exceeding a specific amount defined by the wbmdfc.

Application Process and Important Dates

For the academic year aikyashree scholarship 2023-24, students need to keep an eye out for the announcement on the official wbmdfc website. The aikyashree scholarship 2023 last date is crucial, and missing this deadline may mean missing out on the scholarship for the entire academic year.

Checking the Aikyashree Scholarship Status

After applying, it’s natural to be curious about the progress of your application. Fortunately, the aikyashree scholarship status check is an easy process. All you need is your application number:

  1. Visit the official wbmdfc website.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Scholarship Status’ section.
  3. Enter your application number.
  4. Click on ‘Check Status’. The system will then display the current status of your application.

Other Scholarships to Consider

While the Aikyashree Scholarship is beneficial for minority students, others, like the OBC scholarship, are designed for the Other Backward Classes in West Bengal. It’s always a good idea to explore other scholarships such as the wb scholarship to maximize your opportunities for financial aid.

Support and Helpline

In case of doubts or concerns regarding the Aikyashree Scholarship, you can reach out to the aikyashree scholarship helpline number mentioned on the official website. The wbmdfc support team is always ready to assist and guide applicants throughout the process.


The Aikyashree Scholarship 2023-24 is more than just financial assistance; it’s a step toward a brighter future for deserving students from minority communities in West Bengal. By understanding its advantages, ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria, and keeping tabs on essential dates, you can seize this fantastic opportunity for academic growth and success.


  • Who manages the Aikyashree Scholarship?
    • The West Bengal Minority Development & Finance Corporation (wbmdfc) is responsible for the Aikyashree Scholarship.
  • How often is the scholarship amount disbursed?
    • The aikyashree scholarship amount is typically disbursed annually, directly into the bank accounts of the eligible students.
  • Is there a specific helpline for the OBC scholarship and the WB scholarship?
    • Yes, each scholarship scheme generally has its helpline. You can find the specific helpline numbers on their respective official websites.

Remember, scholarships like the Aikyashree are not just about financial relief; they’re a recognition of your dedication, hard work, and potential. Best of luck in your academic endeavors!

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