A compact, portable heater called the Alpha Heater is now offered. It is a fantastic comfort investment. It is a heater that efficiently heats small to medium-sized spaces. the official website states. Its compact size makes it incredibly portable and easy to move about. Without expert installation, a heater can provide warmth.

Despite how much we all adore the holidays, winter has already arrived, and without a heater, the air is too chilly to breathe. Nobody likes to work from home or prepare for exams while shivering or walking on a freezing floor. Even while central heating systems are common in buildings, not everyone can afford to buy one or to pay the high electricity costs that come with it. If you live alone or travel frequently, it is strongly advised that you have a portable heater that is both simple to operate and economical. For each of these consumers, Alpha Heater was developed. It is available for quick delivery and in stock.

It is common to worry about the effectiveness and safety of a new product. Every user has the right to check to see if their money is being used wisely. Since Alpha Heater provides numerous incentives to entice new customers, there is no cause for concern. All the information is provided in this Alpha Heater review.

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What’s an Alpha Heater?

Winter is a fantastic time to spend with your family and curl up with a good book. But it might be a little frustrating without a dependable heating system that is safe and efficient. All of your wintertime issues can be resolved by the Alpha Heater.

The US-made heater Alpha Heater is secure and reasonably priced. One of the many fantastic features of the Alpha Heater is its capacity to heat an entire space in a matter of seconds while consuming very little electricity.

The Alpha Heater is designed to last a long time. It lowers heating expenditures for the typical American household without lowering heating intensity or quality. Up to 350 square feet can be heated by the Alpha Heating unit for small rooms. You may take the portable, lightweight gadget with you everywhere you go.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Alpha Heater is its attractive appearance. It complements nearly all decors and looks wonderful in any home or office. Just plug the heater into a wall outlet to turn it on. Anyone who has never used a heater before can safely use this one.

For homes with functional heating systems already, the Alpha Heater is a fantastic alternative. It can be used to warm up nooks or places where heat doesn’t quite get to. Even the heaters in people’s bathrooms are in use.

The cost of this heater is $49 per unit, and you can get it through the manufacturer’s official website. Many people buy many Alpha Heaters at once because they only heat a small area. On several Alpha Heater packages, the producers have made a number of discounts and promotions available. Now that there are more Alpha Heaters available, each one will be less expensive than if bought separately. Here are some additional facts about this fantastic heater, including how to use it and its capabilities.

alpha heater canada

Alpha Heater Working

  • Small-space heating is the strength of the Alpha Heater. It works well in tiny rooms but may not be the greatest option for large rooms like a dining room or hall. This gadget can be used in a garage, house, or office. For work, Alpha Heater distributes heated air using oscillators. Due to a few characteristics that pertain to how it functions, it is a great option. These are Alpha Heater’s features.
  • uniform distribution The Alpha Heater first distributes warm air uniformly. This implies that simply though the Alpha Heater is located at one end of the room, it won’t automatically cool that area.
  • Rapid heating is offered by the Alpha Heater. The appliance won’t tremble as it steadily exhales warm air.
  • Nano filters are also included with this gadget. These filters stop the passage of dust and bacterial particles.
  • Absence of scent: Most heaters eventually give out an odd odor. because heaters’ interiors might develop mold. Alpha Heater is not known to release unpleasant smells. The device’s filter, however, will stop any dangerous particles from entering.
  • Timer The timer on the device offers four different modes of operation. The settings can be changed.

Utilizing the Alpha Traveling Heater

The Alpha Heater is simple to use once you get started. The tool is easy to use even for folks without prior tech knowledge. These are the procedures to start it up.

  • A flat surface, such as your nightstand, should be chosen for the device.
  • Connect an electrical outlet to the Alpha Heater.
  • Plug in the gadget and turn it on.

Put the appliance where you want warm air to come from. Despite having a ceramic body, the Alpha Heater may still heat up after being turned on for a while. Because the device’s body is made of ceramic, you shouldn’t touch it until it has cooled down. However, switching the gadget on and off is secure.

Why is Alpha Heater a good investment?

Maybe you’re still not sure if the Alpha Heater is the correct choice for you. To determine whether it is worthwhile of your time, look at these qualities.

Sleek Design

The contemporary alpha heater provides all the essentials with effective electricity while taking up less room. Your home’s exterior is lovely and enhances its charm. It doesn’t feel heavy because it is lightweight.


The heater is portable and lightweight. It is lightweight and portable. It is portable and may be taken into any room of your house. Alpha Heaters don’t need to be installed or maintained because they may be placed anywhere.

Uniform Heating

The Alpha Heater is a fantastic option because of how portable it is and how fashionable it is. It evenly heats your house or place of business. This guarantees that no area is unaffected. Comparable portable heaters without heating give just localized heating, such as those with this feature.

Affordable price

The best quality of Alpha Heather is this. It’s also reasonably priced. It is reasonably priced, and the business provides further savings if you purchase a large quantity. It is reasonably priced, as daily use will only cost you 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. You can afford it and pay your electricity bills.

Overheat Protection

The Alpha Heaters’ thermo states are programmed to allow the temperature to drop to 104 F anytime it reaches 120 F. If it reaches 104 degrees three times an hour, the gadget will shut off. If it is not switched off within six hours, the device will shut itself off.

3-second warm-up

This function in Alpha Heater is great. The device prepares to heat you in just three seconds. You can quickly increase the room’s temperature.

Nano filters

Nano filters on the Alpha Heater eliminate all dust particles. It doesn’t release any pollen or bacteria, only pure, fresh air. In comparing Alpha Heater to other heaters, we discover that when most heaters are operating, an unpleasant smell is released. This is caused by microorganisms that emit a bad odor, like mold and dust particles. Due to Alpha Heater, you won’t need to be concerned about this.

The Benefits of Alpha Heater

  • Modern, sleek design
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Energy-efficient products consume less energy.
  • In just 2 minutes, heat the room
  • Even heat distribution system
  • Fast heating with advanced PTC ceramic heat elements

Alpha Heater Pros & Cons


  • No matter what the temperature outside, it can quickly warm-up
  • Temperature control for users according to their preference
  • Elegant and fashionable design
  • It is simple to use
  • Long-lasting


  • This device is great for personal and supplementary heating.
  • It doesn’t cover large areas
  • Only available online at the Alpha Heater website

alpha heater canada

Alpha Heater Safety

When it comes to electrical equipment, safety is always a worry. Compared to other heating techniques, the Alpha Heater is safer. Like a traditional heater, it moves warm air around the space. It is typical for the heater’s body to warm up when it is used frequently. Users are not in danger from this.

The body of the device is composed of plastic to prevent overheating. You should keep your kids and animals away if you’re worried they’ll touch it. You can continue to use Alpha Heater with your kids and animals.

The device can even eliminate dangerous bacteria from the air because of its nano filters. It doesn’t release any offensive smells. If it tips, the alpha heat will release 30 seconds of air that is at ambient temperature. To help the device cool down, this is done. After these 30 seconds, the device will shut down on its own.

Another great safety feature of the Alpha Heater is that it guards against overheating. If the inside temperature exceeds 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the device automatically reduces the temperature to 100 degrees. If the Alpha Heater is heated above 122 degrees Fahrenheit for more than three days in a row, it will turn off.

If not turned off, the Alpha Heater will continue to operate for six hours. After six hours, it automatically turns off to prevent overheating. The temperature settings can be changed, and there is a timer with a one- to six-hour range. If you forget to turn the device off, you shouldn’t be concerned. After six hours, it will continue to sound.

Final Words

A personal heater called the Alpha Heater uses ceramic convection heating. Your bedroom or computer area will get warm from it. The Alpha Heater, the ultimate chill-killer, is now offered to customers. It uses antibacterial filtering technology to raise the air quality around you.

You can choose to pay $63 per unit instead of the standard $49.95 for the Alpha Heater. This is true even though it generates increased heat output. The sleek, portable, and small design of the Alpha Heater makes it a perfect tool for warming your hands and feet. It is also an excellent present option for this winter because of its Eco-Friendly power rating. Any products that have been used or opened cannot be returned to Alpha. Although it may seem strange, the Covid-19 epidemic is probably to blame. Customers who have used or opened heaters within the first month are not eligible for a refund. The customer support staff at Alpha is ready to help you if you have any questions or problems. If the item has not been used, you have 30 days to return it.

The Alpha Personal Space Heater has enough safety measures and programmable settings to provide the user complete control over the temperature and airflow without requiring them to modify their HVAC thermostat. The Alpha Heater is a portable heater that features a special knockdown technology that turns it off if it gets jarred. If you want to heat your house from the cold to the warm, the Alpha Heater is a fantastic option. You can regulate the temperature in your home even though central heating may not be an option for everyone.

Alpha Heater Reviews – FAQs

Who is the Alpha Heater?

The Alpha Heater was created for people who want to conserve money while staying warm during the winter. These heaters use less energy and are cost-effective. They are also conveniently transportable from one location to another.

How do you make your payment?

You can pay with either a credit card or a debit card. PayPal is another choice. Cash payment at delivery is not permitted.

How do you restart your device if it tips over?

You’ll have to manually restart your device if it falls. To accomplish this, depress the device’s power button and turn it off. Then, connect it to a power source. Give the gadget five to ten minutes to cool down. Reconnect it to the outlet once it has cooled off to begin using it.

What kind of guarantee is offered with the product?

The Alpha Heater’s extended 3-year warranty is available for $26.97. If the product breaks down or needs to be replaced, you are protected for three years. Visit the official website to learn more.

The Alpha Heater is designed to be used in the bathroom.?

You cannot use the Alpha Heater in the restroom. Most heaters should not be used in damp environments. Only heaters that have been UL-rated for use in restrooms are permitted to use these spaces.

Can it be used with an adaptor or extension cord ?

You need to plug this appliance directly into a wall outlet. Because it can be overly powerful, this item is not intended to be used with power strips. Extension cords or adapters should not be used with this device to plug in the heater.

What do other people think about the Alpha Heater?

Visit the Alpha Heater product website to see consumer reviews that have been put there. These customer testimonials demonstrate how happy Alpha Heater customers are with their purchases. You can also believe in it.

How do I start the refund process?

If an Alpha Heater product is faulty or damaged, you have the option to return it. To find out how to do this, get in touch with the customer support department. The customer support staff will give you instructions on how to return the gadget if your request for a refund is approved. As soon as the gadget is returned, you will receive your cashback.

How long does the product take to ship?

After confirmation, all orders are completed within 48 hours. If you live in the US, the product will be delivered to you within 3 to 5 business days. It may take up to 7 days for shipping.

What happens if your heater breaks down?

Restarting the heater is necessary if it isn’t operating properly. The likelihood of the heater having a problem is considerable. In this case, get in touch with customer care to set up a replacement.

Do you have any subscription plans or hidden fees?

Only the amount specified at checkout is expected of you. There won’t be any further costs or subscriptions down the road.

How can I reach customer service?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the business by phone at (866) 895-6759 or by email at [email protected].

How much does shipping cost?

No matter which package you select, your order will be subject to a $9.95 delivery fee.

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