Who was Altina Schinasi? Why did Google Decide to Honor her with a Doodle?

Altina Schinasi, an exceptional American designer, artist, and inventor, was born in Manhattan, New York, on August 4, 1907. Her illustrious life was filled with outstanding accomplishments across various creative fields, including art, film, entrepreneurship, and design. The most enduring aspect of Altina’s legacy is the “Harlequin eyeglass frame,” popularly known as cat-eye spectacles. 

She was also the daughter of immigrants, a fact that left a lasting mark on her heritage. Let us explore the interesting life and accomplishments of this forward-thinking innovator. Google is honoring Schinasi’s 116th birthday today with a Doodle.

Early Life and the History of the Family

Altina Schinasi’s roots go back to her parents, Morris Schinasi, a Sephardic Jew from Manisa, Turkey, and Laurette Schinasi, earlier Ben Rubi, who was born in Salonica, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. Altina was definitely influenced by her family’s history and experiences as immigrants, as she grew up in a diverse and culturally rich environment.

Entrepreneurship and an Artistic Career

Altina exhibited vast talent and passion for the arts at a young age. She established herself as a painter, filmmaker, window decorator, and designer and received praise for her distinctive artistic vision.

Her design of the iconic “Harlequin eyeglass frame,” also known as cat-eye spectacles, was one of her most notable contributions to the fashion industry. This innovative design earned her acclaim and a place in the history of eyewear trends.

Altina’s drive and determination to succeed in her attempts were evident. She boldly explored new areas, constantly challenging norms and establishing new ones. She was an impressive competitor in the fields of design and invention thanks to her many skills and relentless curiosity.

Philanthropy and History

Altina was successful in several fields besides the arts. After her father, Morris Schinasi, passed away in 1928, her mother, Laurette, went on a meaningful trip to Manisa, Turkey. There she set up Moris Sinasi Cocuk Hastahanesi, also known as Moris Sinasi Children’s Hospital, in tribute to her late husband.

The fact that the hospital still gives children important medical care. This shows that the Schinasi family is still committed to philanthropy and helping others.

Awards and Appreciation

Altina Schinasi’s contributions to art and film have been recognized and honored throughout her lifetime. She got esteemed awards, such as the American Design Award from Lord & Taylor, displaying her influence in the fashion and design industries.

On top of that, Altina’s exceptional work as a director landed her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject), solidifying her spot among the greatest stars of the film industry.

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A Lasting Heritage

Altina Schinasi passed away in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on August 19, 1999, at the age of 92. She leave a profound impact on the fields of art, film, and design. Her creativity and outstanding skills continue to nurture creative minds today.

The path that Altina Schinasi chose through life highlighted the value of uniqueness, determination, and innovation. She changed the history of art, movies, and fashion forever as a visionary American artist, designer, and inventor.

Her charitable work has had lasting effects, and her trademark “Harlequin eyeglass frame” is a lifelong sign of her creativity. On August 4, 2023, as she turns 116, her legacy will continue to inspire people to pursue their dreams and be fearlessly themselves.


1. What did Altina Schinasi invent?

  • Altina Schinasi invented the iconic cat-eye glasses.

2. Who invented cat-eye glasses?

  • Cat-eye glasses were invented by Altina Schinasi.

3. How many times was Altina Schinasi married?

  • Altina Schinasi was married four times.

4. How old was Altina Schinasi when she died?

  • Altina Schinasi was 92 years old when she died.
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