COVID-19 Information: Are you using Pulse Oximeter correctly? Check step-wise guide to get correct SpO2 and pulse rate

oxygen level oximeter

Now a days Amid the COVID-19 crisis,  doctors are advising patients to take measures to keep their oxygen saturation in check before running to the hospital, claiming a lot of them could be cured if they follow appropriate medical advise while being in home isolation.

To check oxygen Level, COVID-19 patients can use a pulse oximeter to monitor oxygen levels on their own. But before using it, one should know how to use it correctly.

*Rest for 10-15 mins before taking measurements
*Rest a hand on the chest and hold still
*Place the oximeter on the middle or index finger
*Keep it in the same place till the reading is stable
*Register the highest result once the reading has been stabilized
*Identify the reading carefully
*Start recording from the baseline and record thrice a day unless you notice any changes in your health
*Consult a medical professional in case of breathlessness or dip in oxygen levels to 93 per cent or less


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