Drake’s House: An Inside Look into His Mansion’s Location, Cost, and Features

drake house

Everyone’s talking about it: Drake’s luxurious mansion. But where is it located? How much did it cost? And just how grand is it in terms of rooms and bathrooms? Let’s delve into the finer details of the palatial residence of one of the most prominent figures in music today.

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Where is Drake’s House Located?

Located in Toronto’s upscale Bridle Path neighborhood, often referred to as “Millionaires’ Row,” Drake’s house is a testament to his roots and success. The rapper’s decision to reside in Toronto shows his enduring love for the city he often mentions in his songs. The Bridle Path is home to many of Canada’s rich and famous, making it the perfect spot for a celebrity of Drake’s stature.

How Much are Drake’s Houses?

Although Drake has owned multiple properties over the years, the crown jewel is undoubtedly his Toronto mansion. In terms of numbers, the house reportedly cost over $100 million, inclusive of the land price and the custom-built features that make it uniquely his. While some might balk at the number, considering Drake’s immense success in the music industry and his business ventures, it’s clear he sees this house as both a personal haven and an investment.

Drake Mansion’s Grandeur: How Many Rooms and Bathrooms?

When we talk about a mansion, the term itself conjures up images of vast spaces, numerous rooms, and luxury at every corner. Drake’s house doesn’t disappoint.

Rooms Galore

The mansion boasts an array of rooms customized to Drake’s taste and needs. There’s the recording studio, where magic happens and chart-toppers are born. An NBA-sized basketball court for his love of the game, a lavish award room to showcase his achievements, and of course, the multiple bedrooms and living spaces designed for comfort and luxury.

In total, the mansion has more than 20 rooms, each offering a different feel and experience. The sheer number doesn’t just point to its enormity but also the thought and planning that went into making this house Drake’s ultimate sanctuary.

Bathrooms that Spell Luxury

Bathrooms in Drake’s mansion are not just functional spaces; they are a blend of art and utility. With more than 10 bathrooms, the mansion ensures that there’s never a queue! From marbled floors to gold and diamond fixtures, each bathroom is a testament to opulence. Some reports suggest that the master bathroom even features a singing toilet – because why not?

Beyond the Basics: Unique Features of the Mansion

While the number of rooms and bathrooms can give you a sense of the mansion’s scale, it’s the unique features that truly set it apart:

  1. The OVO-themed Basketball Court: Being an avid basketball fan, Drake’s house sports an indoor full-sized basketball court with the OVO (October’s Very Own) owl logo at the center.
  2. Lalique Collaboration: The house features numerous collaborations with luxury brand Lalique. From bespoke grand chandeliers to ornate decorations, the partnership brings an extra layer of elegance to the mansion.
  3. Custom-made Grand Piano: For an artist, music is life. This sentiment echoes in Drake’s choice of a custom-made Bosendorfer grand piano designed by iconic Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.
  4. Massive Indoor Pool: A mansion is incomplete without a pool, and Drake’s indoor swimming area is a serene spot, perfect for relaxation and parties alike.


Drake’s house is not just a structure of brick and mortar; it’s a reflection of his journey, successes, and tastes. Located in one of Toronto’s poshest neighborhoods, priced at a number that befits his superstar status, and equipped with rooms and bathrooms that blend luxury with utility, the mansion is every bit the dream home you’d expect for Champagne Papi. Whether you’re an ardent fan or just intrigued by celebrity homes, Drake’s mansion is undeniably an architectural marvel worth discussing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drake’s Mansion

  1. Where is Drake’s house located?
    • Drake’s primary residence, often dubbed “The Embassy,” is located in Toronto’s affluent Bridle Path neighborhood.
  2. How much did Drake’s Toronto mansion cost?
    • The Toronto mansion is estimated to have cost over $100 million, including the price of the land and the custom features installed within.
  3. How many rooms does the mansion have in total?
    • The mansion boasts over 20 rooms, which includes bedrooms, living spaces, a recording studio, an awards room, and other specialized rooms.
  4. How many bathrooms are in Drake’s house?
    • Drake’s Toronto mansion is home to more than 10 bathrooms, each designed with its distinct touch of opulence.
  5. Is it true that Drake’s mansion has an NBA-sized basketball court?
    • Yes, being a basketball enthusiast, Drake had an NBA-sized basketball court built inside his mansion, adorned with his OVO (October’s Very Own) owl logo.
  6. Does Drake have other properties apart from his Toronto mansion?
    • While the Toronto mansion is the most talked about, Drake has owned multiple properties over the years in different locations.
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