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The majority of famous people become famous because of their connections to other well-known people. Frances Cain attributes it to her lifetime marriage to Jeremy Clarkson, a motor fanatic. His tenure as the host of the UK’s Top Gear and The Grand Tour may be recognisable to you. You might be surprised to learn that Jeremy’s ex-wife, who mostly controlled him behind closed doors, is responsible for all of his success.

Funny enough, not much information has been available about Jeremy Clarkson’s ex-wife before. In light of that, the following is Frances Cain’s secret story, which includes her biography, marriage, divorce, and—most importantly—her current partner.

Frances Cain: Who is she? parents, childhood, and biography

Robert Henry Cain’s daughter, Frances Catherine Cain, was born in England and is a mother of three.

Even though she is married to a fairly well-known television personality, she has managed to remain unnoticed for her whole life. Her parents, age, and the majority of the specifics of her early education are unknown.

However, given that her father was away fighting in conflicts, it is very likely that she was raised by her mother. During the Second World War, Robert Henry Cain fought for his nation and was awarded the Victoria Cross for valour.

Funny enough, Frances was ignorant of this accomplishment until her husband gave a BBC broadcast about it in 2006. The war veteran retired and resided with his family in the Isle of Man, where he passed away from cancer in 1974.

frances cain

The Married Life of Frances Cain as Jeremy Clarkson’s Wife.

When Jeremy Clarkson’s career was just beginning to take shape, Frances Cain met him. The hot-rod fanatic was previously wed to Alexandra James, his first wife. However, after only one year of marriage, she left him for his best friend.

They interacted while Cain was Clarkson’s manager and working for Clarkson. With time, love grew, and in 1993, in Fulham, he wed for the second time. Given that everything was going well in Clarksville, the honeymoon period lasted a while.

They had three children together, Emily, Katya, and Finlo Clarkson. The pair had been married for 27 years and 10 months when trouble began to pound on their matrimonial doors. So, let’s go over everything that went wrong before their divorce.

The True Cause of Jeremy and Frances Cain’s Divorce.

Clarkson was never the same after his first failed marriage and the pain it caused. Throughout his marriage to Frances Cain, a number of cheating charges surfaced. First of all, it became publically known that he was still seeing his ex-wife, Alexandra James.

James realised her error after leaving Clarkson for his closest friend, Stephen Hall, and had an affair with Jeremy that lasted seven years. He filed an injunction since she was a public figure and he didn’t want her to talk too openly about their cheating rampage.

Elaine Bedell, a well-known English journalist and producer, is another prominent name that Clarkson had flings with briefly. Their relationship began back in 2002. A few years later, Philippa Sage, an event coordinator, was said to have hooked up with Jeremy. Frances Cain’s marriage to her husband was already in disarray at the time this was happening in 2011.

By 2014, the once-powerful couple had acrimoniously divorced. Online publications claim that he would have to fork over more than €10 million alone for the divorce settlement. This was backed up by Alexandra James, Clarkson’s first wife, who stressed how much work she put into developing his brand.

“Jeremy is the frontman, and she was the franticly paddling swan in the background. Given how hard she fought to earn it, she deserves every dime.

Frances Cain’s new boyfriend. Where is she now?

The mother of three was photographed last year in Barbados taking advantage of the summer break with a guy. The two appeared to be involved in an almost romantic relationship. Details regarding whether he is her new man, however, have not yet been made public.

However, Jeremy Clarkson has also moved on since his divorce and is now dating Lisa Hogan. Check back with us in the future for updates on whether or not his new connection will result in a third marriage.

Social Media Profiles Frances Cain

In contrast to her ex-husband, Frances Cain avoids social media. She doesn’t really have any social media presence other than her inactive Facebook page. Her daughters, notably Emily, her oldest daughter, are the complete opposite. On her Instagram page, she primarily posts as a writer, runner, and advocate for bodily self-love.


From an obscure automotive writer to a hugely popular television personality and frequent commentator known for being a member of Top Gear with James May and Richard Hammond, Frances Cain played a crucial role in Jeremy Clarkson’s rise to fame. She helped him transition professionally from a mediocre automotive writer to a very well-known television personality and pundit who is still remembered by many for having been a part of his life.

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