Furniture Cover – How to Identify the Best Quality

Furniture Cover

While considering furniture covers your valuable furniture, remember that it is a crucial decision to make. The selection of a furniture cover is the determinant of your furniture’s life and well-being. First, let us have a quick overview of some key questions you need to ask while choosing the best furniture cover.

  • Are they waterproof?
  • Are they properly vented?
  • Are they made using reinforced materials?
  • Are they of good fit and secure?
  • Do they feature add-ons like tie-downs and handles?
  • Do they come at with reasonable price tags?

Answers to these questions will give you a general idea about the quality and features of the covers. These criteria will also help you make a fair comparison of the products to get the right choice. Make a careful selection and buy the best ones. Now let us explore various types of covers available.

Furniture cover types

Tailored custom-fit covers are the choice of many lately. The advantage of tailored covers is that these can offer a perfect fit along with unparalleled protection. For outdoor furniture, which requires foolproof protection, tailored covers are the best choice. As outdoor furniture demands nothing less than heavy-duty covers, these need to be custom-crafted based on the furniture’s precise dimensions by ensuring optimum fit and maximum resistance to the environmental elements harmful to the furniture.

Universal covers, on the other hand, are one-size-fits types of furniture sizes. Many of the households may have furniture which is not from the brands, but custom made. Universal covers can fit into almost all furniture sizes, but you need to be very careful while choosing the same not to make a selection of too big or too small covers. Check if the universal furniture cover you consider is fine crafted to be within the furniture measures’ inclusive dimensions.

Other major considerations

Various materials are used to make protective covers for furniture ranging from plain cotton fabric to the sturdiest synthetic materials. The primary consideration while choosing the cover material is whether to protect indoor or outdoor furniture. On choosing a cover for outdoor furniture, you should not compromise on the needs of water resistance and material sturdiness to last for long. For indoor, you may choose cotton or other lighter fabrics, which may be easy to handle and can provide an aesthetically simple look to your interiors.

For outdoor furniture, however, materials like polyethylene and vinyl are ideal to have as furniture covers. These will not only ensure water resistance but are also much flexible and durable to last for long.  While choosing furniture covers, also make sure that they are easier to handle and wash clean.

It is not difficult to find an appropriate piece of furniture cover for your valuable possessions, especially if you search online for matching products. However, as there are plenty of options available, one needs to be very careful not to fall prey to any counterfeit or duplicate products of low quality.

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