Game Changing Entrepreneur- Rohini Iyer “Doing the Right Thing and Doing Good”

Game Changing Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur contributes to a brighter future – their own and, at times, all of ours. The concepts they begin with provide opportunities for them to explore new possibilities and do so in their own unique way. However, not all entrepreneurial goals or paths are the same, and they do not always result in the same level of meaningful change.

Rohini Iyer

The Innovator 25 Asia Pacific 2018 Most Influential Entrepreneur in Media at the Stardust Achievers Awards. Woman of the Decade in Celebrity Media at the Women Economic Forum in London. She is the Game Changing Entrepreneur.

There are at least two alternative ways that are meant to benefit more than just one founder or leader. Some entrepreneurs regard their firms as a way to expand the range of possibilities available to the work of business. They frequently follow the path of the role-model entrepreneur, serving as role models for new business models that deviate from the standard paradigm.

Entrepreneur Rohini Iyer- Game Changing Entrepreneur

Rohini Iyer, one of the most powerful women in the entertainment world, creates empires, not just brands. Her powerful path from media strategist to game changing entrepreneur as the founder of Raindrop Media and its collection of companies is nothing short of remarkable. She is revered by Bollywood’s who’s who — she has played a key role in their success, and superstars and famous filmmakers alike attest for her keen wit and Midas touch. Iyer is an unstoppable force, having been named to 27 national and international power lists and receiving 18 major prizes. Devi, Diva and She-Devil, Changemakers: Twenty Women Transforming Bollywood Behind The Scenes, and Women Of Pure Wonder are just a few of the books that have featured the country’s most successful businesses.

Raindrop Media, the Raindrop Group of Companies’ media arm, is now India’s largest worldwide reputation management organization. Iyer has grown Raindrop into a set of divisions that handles not only film, fashion, and talent reputation management, but also merchandising, packaging, digital media, and content development. Raindrop is preparing a big rebranding, as well as new global alliances and the grand debut of five new firms this year; the maverick entrepreneur is expected to make huge announcements in the fourth quarter of 2021. “While I feel that 2021 will be remembered as a significant year for women, I have to wonder why only 2021? Every year should be our year, in my opinion. We have repeatedly demonstrated that we are natural leaders. We are utilising our power positions as showrunners, changemakers, and opinion leaders now that we have established our place in the ecosystem,” she says.

Iyer, a champion of women’s empowerment, has been leading discussions on women’s rights, equal pay discrimination against women, and the need of creating an ecosystem that is safe for and provides equal chances for women with her network of other influential women. She’s also bringing to India a global community of female entrepreneurs. “This has been a year of enormous transformation for me.” We are lucky to be working more than ever and are in the midst of launching five new business verticals at a time when enterprises are downsizing,” she finishes.

Game Changing Entrepreneur

For example, a company managed by a role model entrepreneur might teach how to treat employees in a completely different way, or how to better account for Earth resources in terms of impact, or how communities where facilities and activities occur might account for their effects. The most likely and effective outcomes of this type of entrepreneurship are new products or services.

Such activities are born from a deep conviction that they are the best way to go about things. Some leaders are willing to speak out in favour of the new approach, writing and speaking about it, but they are leaving it up to others to decide what they will do with the example set. As a result, the role-model approach may be too sluggish and too late to bring about the types of changes that are so desperately required right now. There is still work to be done.
The second path is that of the game-changer entrepreneur, whose goal is to go beyond being a role model and establish a business with integrity simply because it’s the right thing to do. Although this is a commendable endeavour, for those entrepreneurs who see deeper into the future, being role models and trusting others to follow is insufficient to bring about the necessary changes. The game changing entrepreneur, The Responsible Entrepreneur, a new breed who make promises, often in very public forums, to make New things.

Characteristics Of Game Changing Entrepreneur

1. They don’t need cheerleaders.
2. Their success is urgent.
3. They possess impeccable follow-through.

The path of the game changer is to establish and expand a business with the goal of making significant changes that go beyond the firm itself and the ideals that underpin its operations. The game-changer recognizes that business may be used to intervene or act as a catalyst for fundamental changes in government patterns and practices, industry (its own and others), societal norms, cultural agreements, and many other facets of how nations operate for the common good. Become a Game Changing Entrepreneur In all areas of your life, surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you to higher standards

The game-changer is a new species of big-promise entrepreneur known as The Responsible Entrepreneur, who makes promises to make things better for everyone, often in very public places. I offered four patterns or techniques in two recent articles to take entrepreneurs’ excellent intentions and construct the game-changer path from them.

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