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Have you had a chance to try out the new GanCube? If you don’t know, GanCube is the apple of the Rubik’s cube business. Gan, Gancube, or Gans is a puzzle brand founded by Ganyuan Jiang, the first Chinese national 3×3 speed-solving record holder (in 2007). In addition, he was a co-founder of the GuoJia cube company. When it comes to puzzle manufacturers, they are clearly at the top of the list. They have noa advanced to not only the regular but also the alien shapes as well as making of smart cubes as well, This comes as a huge advancement in the puzzle industry with each cube enhancing the intelligence level.

GANCUBE is available in a variety of sizes and forms, some of which are shown below: A classic 3X3 cube is available; they are extremely light and simple to spin. Then there’s a pyraminx form that’s both fascinating and easy to spin in terms of quality. The GAN Pyraminx M’s “Central Magnetic Unit” is similar to a new Magnetic Engine;GES+ inside. Tuning is much easier; it’s as light as 64g, so you can relax. GAN Pyraminx M, unlike prior pyraminxes, features a “Central Magnetic Unit.” It, like the pyraminx’s new engine, introduces novel handfeels. It increases your speed and reduces your beginning resistance.

The megaminx is one of my personal favourites; it appears complex but is simple to comprehend and spin rapidly.

A 2X2 Cube is frequently used by beginners who are still learning the techniques since it is the easiest to spin and play.

Then there’s a 4X4 Cube, which can teach you a lot of tactics and help you speed up your game. It also looks cool and can help you play faster.

The cube station app is also included.

Cube Station works with smart cubes, regular cubes, virtual cubes, as well as GAN Robots, Bluetooth timers, and other devices. It’s a platform for cubers all around the world to compete online, train to better, and learn from AI, allowing everyone to enjoy the thrill of speedcubing.

GANCUBE assembled the GAN Gurus team, which comprises Feliks Zemdegs, the 2013 and 2015 World Champion, Max Park, the 2017 Paris World Champion, Philipp Weyer, the 2019 Sydney World Champion, and many other cube masters. GANCUBE also sponsored China’s 10th Anniversary Championship in 2017, the Paris World Rubik’s Cube Championship in 2017, the 2018 Red Bull World Championship, and other important contests, demonstrating its commitment to expanding the worldwide influence of speedcube sports.

Customize your GANX INFINITY with color, tension, magnets and lubrication as your preference. GANCUBE Official Shop.

About Gancube

  • NEW UPGRADE OF 356i2: Compared to GAN 356i, a light indicator is added to the new 356 i2 inside, showing different signals when the cube is connected, charging and fully charged. There’s also significant improvement on charging speed, life span and standby time.
  • INNOVATION ON SPEEDCUBING INDUSTRY: GAN 356i2 is a Smart Cube that can record your solving and battle online with others. Enjoy your new gameplay experience now!
  • RECORD MOVES FOR SOLVING HISTORY: Keep track of all your solving data in one place. Gan 356i2 captures and displays every single turn or rotation even in high-speed fingertrick. Mobile APP required.
  • BATTLE ONLINE FOR ULTIMATE FUN: Playing with other cubers has not been that easy before. Select online battle mode to match same level opponent within seconds, anytime, anywhere.
  • ANALYZE STEPS FOR FUTURE PROGRESS: Review your time and method to figure out how to improve, right after a solve. Reconstruction supports CFOP method and breaks down steps automatically(Any question welcome to send e-mail to us).
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