Get An Inside Look At Taylor Swift’s House

taylor swift house

What’s not to love about Taylor Swift’s House, really? Not only does her hit song always make us want to shake it off, but we also like her sincerity and lack of pretence. (Don’t forget how she turned a strong girl squad into the perfect accessory.) Swift is a burgeoning real estate entrepreneur, as if we needed another reason to love the singer.

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The A-Lister may garner media attention for her high-profile conflicts and celebrity-studded relationships, but she actually has a rather respectable resume. Swift’s real estate portfolio, which includes penthouses, mansions, and beach residences on both coasts, would make even the most opulent homeowners blush. (In fact, Business Insider asserts that the astonishing value of her portfolio is $81 million. (Mic slam.)

taylor swift house

By sharing some of T-most Swift’s distinctive settings, all the way back to her Pennsylvania childhood home, we’re taking our devotion to a whole new level.

Swift is the queen of changing herself, from her endearing country anthems to her nasty songs to her most recent confectionery concerts. It should not be a surprise that her real estate portfolio does the same. The celebrity has moved quickly between chic Manhattan penthouses, California-cool cribs, and New England estates. Swift, though, has never lost her appeal, no matter where she has resided.

taylor swift house

In the words of Swift herself, are you ready for it?

Family Roots

Shall we begin from the very beginning? Swift once referred to this quaint Pennsylvania property as her “home darling home” — you know, back when she wasn’t an international music sensation.

This exquisite setting undoubtedly sparked Swift’s interest in real estate with its spacious entryway and sun-drenched study, where she reputedly performed guitar as a child. Swift relocated to Nashville when she was 14 years old, but in 2013, she listed her family’s house for a whopping $700,000.

Country Starts

2011 is a few years in the future. Years into her infamous rivalry with Kanye West, Swift began her “Speak Now” world tour. The country singer spent a cool $2.5 million on a 5,601-square-foot property in Nashville as her star rose. The opulent area had a spotless pool, four bathrooms, and four and a half baths.

This is one of the most endearing starter homes ever, but we’ll let you complete.

Beverly Hills Abode

Swift afterwards relocated to the west to dominate the music and real estate scenes. Her initial victory? a beautiful Beverly Hills property. However, just because Swift began living the California dream doesn’t mean she permanently left her New England origins behind. The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom home is 2,826 square feet and exudes a typical East coast ambiance.

Examine this buy. Swift’s first experience with luxury. The property has a separate guest cottage in addition to a sports court and an outside terrace with a fire pit, of course. We think it’s the ideal location for her friend Abigail to stay for extended periods of time.

Probably during her “73 Questions” video with Vogue, you’ve already seen this house. We’ll always remember its lovely built-ins and wood-sided exterior. Swift may have performed “Forever and Always,” but in 2013, she sold this lovely home for a cool $4 million.

Modern Marvel

2012 saw Swift add yet another Beverly Hills residence to her portfolio. Although two homes in the same area feel a little out of the ordinary, this one is pure perfection. The 2,950 square foot building, constructed in 1959, is a good example of mid-century modern design.

Swift’s real estate decisions tended to be classic houses with endearing touches, but this addition takes a more contemporary tack with clean lines, glass sliding doors, and a restrained colour scheme. T-Swift is not a minimalist, not even in our wildest thoughts, yet her house will never go out of style.

Despite this, Swift’s contemporary home has some personality. This chic breakfast nook is one of the thoughtful features of her Beverly Hills home. Over a morning cup of coffee, we’d like to imagine that she and her partner at the time, Harry Styles, would create some wonderful music.

Swift’s home, like the majority of Los Angeles residences, has a really amazing backyard. With a bar, a sizable stone patio, and a fire pit in the backyard, this apartment practically begs for a pool party. Who wants a cannonball?

This contemporary masterpiece was put up for sale for a casual $2.65 million by Swift in 2019. Appreciate what you see? More tours of this modern, celebrity-studded venue are available here.

Cinematic Crib

Why settle with two lavish Beverly Hills houses when you may have three? She acquired yet another residence in the area in 2015, which has a lot of star appeal. This opulent home, now considered a historic monument, was formerly owned by renowned film producer Samuel Goldwyn. Actually, the Goldwyn family held this house until Swift graciously bought it from them for a stunning $25 million.

taylor swift house

If these walls could talk…

Swift undoubtedly added her particular touch to this house. The signer quickly put up high security walls to keep out curious admirers, tourists, and paparazzi once she moved in. She could then swim, play tennis, and live in peace. (That’s true, this property has a sizable court all to itself. “Game, set, and match.”

Swift’s real estate skills obviously go much beyond a collection of Beverly Hills properties. She lavished on this 16-room house in Rhode Island in 2013. The price being asked? incredible $17.75 million. In case you missed it, her Fourth of July parties were held in this home, which towers 700 feet above the water.

(While you’re at it, look at the top beachfront properties owned by celebrities. Thankfully, you can visit the most beautiful homes without wearing sunscreen.)

Despite spending a lot of time in California, it appears that Swift also has a New York mentality. This enormous apartment in Manhattan’s famous TriBeCa area cost the singer $18 million. Our tiny studio is a long cry from this 5,148-square-foot townhouse with towering ceilings and a sun-drenched skylight.

Swift’s flat raises the bar for Netflix and lounging with its in-home theatre. Let us remind you that this enormous space is located in Manhattan. Mind blown

Welcome To New York

A rooftop party is one of the few things that truly says “welcome to New York”. Swift may enjoy the charming city vistas from her private terrace while avoiding cameras and curious onlookers.

Although it is said that New York is a city that never sleeps, this bedroom appears to have been constructed with leisure and slumber in mind.

Need more of Swift’s TriBeCa residences? Also, we cannot. You are welcome to explore the rest of this area.

Neighbourhood Nook

You already know that Swift enjoys purchasing many properties in the same neighbourhood, so it makes little sense that she would do otherwise in New York City. The diva paid $9.75 million for this hip loft before buying her $18 million townhouse. The spacious apartment is really housed in the 1880s-era Sugar Loaf Building, a favourite of New Yorkers.

This apartment embodies urban life with its exposed brick walls and wooden beams. Swift may have started singing “You Belong With Me” as soon as she walked inside this unique residence.

The Apartment To Rule Them All

History does indeed repeat itself, and T-real Swift’s estate holdings are no exception. The diva apparently bought these a pair of duplex penthouses in the area before she bought either TriBeCa residence. The turn? Peter Jackson, the director of The Lord of the Rings, is said to have given Swift the idea for this city escape. Although 13 may be her favourite number, three is the golden number when it comes to her real estate endeavours.

Swift probably spent close to $20 million on these two units. However, we assure you that the price is well worth it. These apartments feature traditional New York architectural details like exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and large windows that look out into the streets below.

As if that weren’t enough, the homes total more than 8,000 square feet when you include the wide top patio.

West Village Wonderland

Even though this rental was only ever meant to be a short-term arrangement, we have a feeling you wouldn’t want to leave these stylish quarters. This mansion, which is 5,400 square feet in size, has its very own infinity pool. (Is it New York? That practically never happens.) “Teardrops on My Guitar” is played.

An International What-If

Naturally, we couldn’t ignore the fact that Swift came close to buying a Scottish castle. (You did read that right.) The 1570 manor, known as the Tower of Lethendy, resembles a scene from The Crown. Furthermore, it would have been quite convenient when she was dating Calvin Harris because the house is only one hour from Edinburgh.

The pop princess would’ve received the Royal treatment with eight bedrooms, seven baths, two gate lodges, and two staff houses. Additionally, she could have used this home office’s wood panels a lot.

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