Going On A Business Trip? Make It Fun

While many of us think of working as spending time in one spot (an office, a home office, or somewhere else), the truth is that there is a bundle of jobs out there that take you on the road. Whether you’re a travel blogger updating a national newsletter with travel tips or you’re traveling to discuss a possible merger with another company, there are plenty of reasons why you might end up looking for the perfect hotel room for your next business trip.

So, how do you make a business trip more than just meetings and interviews? There are a few steps you can take to actually have fun while you live a bi-coastal business life. From getting reviews on local attractions to learning about the best tacos in Los Angeles and the best bagel in New York City, here are all the tips and tricks you need.

Pack a fun wardrobe.

If all you have in your suitcase are business suits and pin-striped jackets, you’re not very likely to have some fun, are you? If you throw some women’s jumpsuits in your overnight bag, though, you’ll be ready to go if a colleague invites you to join them at a local bar or comedy club. A romper with a floral print is perfect for warmer weather, and a pant with a flattering fit is great for a crisp New York fall. Make sure you have at least one garment with you that makes you feel like you can have some fun after a busy day of work.

Look online for gift cards and coupons to local attractions.

There are certain to be some local hot spots that you shouldn’t miss, and you should research these before leaving for your trip. To take this one step further, check to see if a site like Travelin Coupons has the discount code or coupon that you need to save on local fun. Are there performers at a local jazz club that you don’t want to miss, or a museum you wish you’d gone to last time you were in the area? You could enjoy extra savings by taking a few moments to look at the gift cards and coupons on the Travelin Coupons website.

Check the weather before you head out.

The last thing anyone wants is to find themselves in a surprise downpour with the wrong jacket or in a Los Angeles summer without appropriate garments. Wherever you’re going, make sure you take a few moments to check the weather. Short sleeves or long sleeves, checking the weather will rescue you from any climate-related curveballs.

Make sure your hotel has free Wi-Fi!

There are plenty of times in which you may not have the chance to do all of the above due diligence before you head out on a business trip, and that’s fine! Just make sure that the perfect hotel room you picked out has free Wi-Fi. That internet access will allow you to check out all the coupons and extra wardrobe additions you may need without any concerns. You can find the best local eats, where all the most exquisite performers are performing, and which gift cards you need when you go to a local museum—all from the comfort of your hotel room. You can’t do that, though, if the hotel’s internet doesn’t come through.

The words “business trip” sound dull and may remind us of conference rooms and roadside motels, but it doesn’t have to be so. With the right wardrobe, an inbox full of promo codes and coupons, and a hotel room that gives you the Wi-Fi access you need, you can have fun after a long and productive day.

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