Government’s Big Decision On Work From Home! Check Commerce Ministry’s Latest Notification On Wfh

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News Source:- @Zeenews India

A Specific Group Of Employees Are Eligible To Work From Home Under The New Government Regulation.

In a special economic zone unit, work from home (WFH) is permitted for up to one year and can be expanded to 50% of all employees, according to a statement from the commerce ministry on Tuesday.

A brand-new rule 43A for WFH in the Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006 has been made public by the Department of Commerce.

The sector had requested that there be a provision for a national consistent WFH policy throughout all Special Economic Zones, according to the government, which is why the notification was issued (SEZs).

For a specific category of employees of a unit in a SEZ, the new rule permits working from home.

Employees of IT/ITeS SEZ units are among them, as are those who are temporarily disabled, travelling, or working off-site, it was said.

It further said that WFH might be expanded to up to 50% of the unit’s total workforce, including contractual workers.

Additionally, it stated that the Development Commissioner (DC) of SEZs has the discretion to approve a higher number of employees (more than 50%) for any genuine reason that is documented in writing.

“Work from home is now permitted for up to one year. However, upon the request of the units, the same may be further extended by the DC for a term of one year at a time “added the ministry.

The notification has allowed a transition period of 90 days for SEZ units whose employees are already able to work from home, it was said.

The licence to remove the equipment is co-terminus with the authority provided to an employee, the ministry stated. “SEZ Units will supply equipment and secured connectivity for the purpose of WFH to perform authorised operations of the units.”

India Government Finally Recognize “Work From Home” What’s Your Opinion WFH or WFO? Live

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