Harley West Shares a Glimpse Inside Her Fulfilling Career as an Instagram Star

harley west

Bartender Harley West said that she found it difficult to survive the pandemic in April 2020. A year later, she has amassed more than 200K followers on Instagram, making her a sensation. How did she accomplish it? According to West, she attributes her success to her diligence and regular posting.

West was a bartender prior to the coronavirus epidemic. Unfortunately, it had to temporarily close in order to comply with lockdowns and safety precautions, just like many other bars. West encountered a challenging circumstance. She claims that despite having no other employment choices, she couldn’t entirely rely on government assistance. She at least believed it.

According to West, she was only posting on Instagram for fun at the time. She had roughly 10K fans who supported her in beginning an internet modelling career. However, West claims that she didn’t start seriously considering a career as an Instagram star until after she lost her job.

“At the time, it was both terrifying and exciting. Since the majority of my images were taken with an iPhone at my apartment, I was concerned that they wouldn’t be all that intriguing. I was shocked to learn that my following preferred seeing me in real life than expensive photo shoots. It seems as though they connected with me more deeply and learned more about me personally, according to West.

Harley West quickly caught the eye of influential brands and models, who offered her paid partnerships.

“I have previously worked with a few models, and I have also accepted paid sponsorships from businesses like Manscaped. Working with Manscaped was such a pleasure. They provided me entire creative control, and working with their staff was a breeze. Not to mention, the product was excellent and satisfied the needs of my demographic, says West.

Additionally, West said she would want to collaborate with additional models in the future. She claims, though, that she has temporarily suspended all partnerships and sponsored articles.

“At the moment, I’m concentrating on my personal website and strengthening my bonds with my fans. I enjoy going live on Instagram and TikTok to learn more about my audience’s origins, preferences, and desired content from me.

In the future, West says she’d like to settle down, travel more, and keep sharing her life with her fans. She has future plans to launch a clothing line. She declares that she is open to letting her life take a variety of turns and seeing where it leads.

West expresses the hope that sharing her experience may inspire aspiring Instagram celebrities and influencers to launch their own businesses. Harley West advises folks who are concerned about success that the greatest approach to become influential on social media is by following trends rather than merely “producing stuff you are comfortable with.” She suggests trying new things instead since “you never know what will go viral,” as she puts it.

Harley West is an American singer-songwriter who was born on March 17, 2002. She made her debut in the music industry in 2020 with her first album Forever (2020), which she had been working on since late-2018. She is best known for having collaborated with Madonna on renditions of her own songs. Much like Madonna on her debut album, she used aspects of her life as a teenager and a lot of the bold rebelliousness in her lyrics.
In 2002, West was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she was reared in a devoted household by parents who were also her friends. Her parents advised her to pursue whatever musical aspirations she may have after realising that her talent was musically based. Although West is not known to have any musical training, many of her contemporaries with whom she has collaborated, like Madonna and Viper Hamato, have claimed that her skill lies in composition and music production. She gained popularity very immediately in Australia, where her debut album Forever (2020), which featured her first two songs, peaked at number eight on the ARIA charts and debuted in the top 75 of the US Billboard Hot 100.

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