How can Ergonomic Furniture Boost Performance and Productivity in Schools?

Ergonomic furniture

#SchoolsInvestingonErgonomicFurniture #SchoolsValuingComfortOfStudents In the Situation of comfort, a child can contribute better in his journey of learning!

The first place where a child is sent to learn and grow independently is a ‘School’. Schooling is important for a child to develop as per the culture of society. A child learns the culture of society, is able to respond like class-fellows or teachers, understands the value of being senior, and gets the motivation to build his or her career, go to college and become something in life. And keeping in mind its need, one should ensure that children don’t face any hurdles in their journey of achieving their goals as they are the future builders. A comfortable set-up for them is required from the very first place they start. The place should be well structured and designed as per the comfort of students and attractive to motivate them to learn more.

Can furniture be a strong medium in developing the focus of students towards their learning? Can it play a role in keeping the students in touch with the environment as well and make life easy, comfortable, and convenient? The one-word answer to this is “Yes” and the term is “Ergonomic Furniture”.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture was first introduced in 1968, in the form of a chair, by a German designer, Wilfred Dauphin. It was invented while doing a study over the effect of computers on furniture. Design of furniture as per the comfort and convenience of the user is by the application of “Ergonomic Furniture”. 

The purpose of ergonomic furniture is to create an interaction between people and the environment by designing furniture supporting ideal body posture. Some of the examples are Sit and Stand Desk, Monitor arms, Monitor risers, etc.

Ergonomic furniture designing involves the study of the human body. It works towards the concept of improving health and providing a better experience with comfortable furniture. Indirectly if we see then it is saving the expected cost for illness or injuries caused due to improper body posture.

Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

With popularity and development in Ergonomic furniture, it is getting common and preferred by people. Please find some listed benefits of Ergonomic furniture:

  1. Interaction with Environment: Ergonomic furniture is helping in bridging the gap between humans and the environment. 
  2. Improved Health: It has been studied that the world’s most common disability is lower back pain, this is for the United States alone. Also, it has been studied that the coming generation is growing a horn below their skull due to their bent posture and habit of hunching over smartphones or computers. Expected health issues due to wrong body posture could be pain in the neck, shoulder, and lower back; further causing headaches, muscle pain, poor circulation of blood, weak lungs, poor digestion, etc. Ergonomic furniture is helping in improving our health by offering comfort, considering the ideal posture for sitting or working. 
  3. Better Experience: Ergonomic furniture is giving comfort with a variety of user-friendly products. This makes the experience better and keeps us satisfied with the situation.
  4. Improved Productivity: People feel better with a positive change in their health. The energy level and active life make them perform better at the place and therefore improving productivity. Also, it influences people around us and develops a positive environment. 

Ergonomic Furniture Boosting Performance and Productivity in Schools

Special attention to children as they are focusing on studies and understanding the need of developing their career. Their prolonged sittings in the classrooms would lead to inactiveness. A sedentary lifestyle is not advised as it leads to osteoporosis, obesity, cancer, lung failure, kidney functionality issues, etc. This needs to be addressed at the school level so that children don’t have to bear the consequences at a later stage. A major role in preventing this is played by furniture. 

Also, furniture is not just required in the classrooms, but also the playground, library, laboratory, canteen, etc. Schools need variety in furniture and therefore it must be durable and comfortable as users are children.

Ergonomic furniture preferred for schools must have the following features:

  1. Benches or chairs: Sitting should be higher and therefore sitting arrangement should be of good height. 
  2. Flexible Seats: Seats could be flexible, so that child can easily sit and adjust as per his or her height. This also helps in maintaining the correct angle for sitting.
  3. Desks: According to the chairs, desks should also be higher, so that children don’t bend down much. This will maintain their spinal cord shape and prevent neck, shoulder, or lower back pain.
  4. Round Edges: Corners of the furniture must be blunt or should have round edges so that by any chance children don’t get hurt.
  5. Easy to Move: Furniture preferably should be safe, easy to move, or light in weight. This will also prevent users from possible injury due to heavy weight. This feature also helps in easy maintenance of furniture and can be handled with care. 

With better sitting and comfort around the school campus, children are going to find themselves more active, fit and energetic resulting in better output. They would perform better in the classrooms and playgrounds and also would result in higher productivity. It is a win-win situation for children, their parents, and school or any educational institute.

Final Words

Ergonomic furniture is meeting the requirements of the human body, which is not finding rest in busy life and work commitments.

The role of ergonomic furniture in helping students at school in improving their performance and productivity, seems like the biggest benefit of it, as it impacts the future, health of children, and also their career.

Ergonomic furniture is becoming popular and common at workplaces, offices, and even at homes especially adjustable sit stand desk. Due to affected body posture because of staying in front of screens every time, whether infants, kids, or adults; people are adopting ergonomic furniture. This has resulted in higher profit generation by the organizations and therefore development in the industry of ergonomic products.

There is no second thought on going for Ergonomic furniture by educational institutes. It is appreciated by the parents of children and beneficial for children and even the authorities of the campus.

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