How to Access Website Traffic for Any Site(Best 6 Tools)

Website traffic

You are gravely mistaken if you believe your website or online business can prosper without monitoring and analyzing website traffic and brand competition on a regular basis. But how do you intend to do this?

Want to know how people interact with any website, even your own?

By keeping eyes on visitor numbers, you can evaluate how well the website is doing in relation to the competition.

This article will go through some of the top web traffic generating, monitoring and analysis tools available today.

Why is tracking website traffic essential?

Checking your site’s statistics is a simple way to evaluate its success.

You may learn a lot about your audience, the impact of your content, and the success of your digital marketing campaigns by analyzing your site’s traffic statistics.

If you want to increase your website’s traffic, sales, and email subscriber list, you should monitor its analytics often.

Your website’s strengths and weaknesses can be shown by analyzing the volume of visitors it receives.

Top Web Traffic Generator Tools, Including Competitors

There are a lot of free website traffic generator tools for keeping track of traffic. Some paid options are also available. The unique features of each one make them stand out from one another.

The majority of experts utilize multiple tools to examine estimated website traffic for their competitors. Always recommend at least two different tools for analyzing website traffic statistics.

By utilizing multiple tools, you will be capable of filling in the voids and obtain more precise traffic statistics for any website.

As your WordPress site and budget expand, you might invest in multiple tools to acquire a deeper understanding of the market and dominate it.

In light of this, let’s explore the best tools for determining a website’s traffic volume.

1. Semrush:


Semrush is an universal traffic analysis and competitor research tool. It is the best tool for monitoring and analyzing website traffic.

WPBeginner utilizes this tool for keyword research, monitoring keyword rankings, and a great deal more. 

After entering a competitor’s URL, you will be provided with a detailed breakdown of their total traffic.

You will be able to track key website metrics such as the monthly traffic volume over time, the traffic distribution by country, and the keywords that drive the most traffic, among others.

The tab for Traffic Analytics displays the number of distinct visitors, total visits, pageviews, average visit duration, and bounce rate for the website.

This feature is equivalent to viewing your competitor’s Google Analytics account.

Another useful feature, Bulk Traffic Analysis, allows you to evaluate traffic levels for numerous competitors at the same time.

Depending on your price plan, you can compare up to 200 websites. This provides you with a big-picture view of your topic, the websites receiving the most traffic, and any traffic possibilities you may take advantage of.


  • Domain, backlink, and keyword analysis
  • Track up to 5,000 keywords 
  • Mobile rankings.
  • Crawling up to 1 million pages per month
  • Google Looker Studio compatibility
  • Content marketing, link building, and social media management


The three pricing tiers of Semrush can be paid for on a monthly or annual basis.

  • Pro plan costs are $119.95,
  • Guru plan costs $229.95,
  • Business plan costs $449.95.

The Pro and Guru packages are available for complimentary trial for seven days after purchase.

Semrush also provides a free account with limited features, which is ideal for beginners and startups.

2. Ubersuggest


Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a free and paid utility that provides an array of valuable website traffic data.

Beginning users will love the easy UI. If you’ve never done keyword research or traffic analysis, this tool is easy and top web traffic generator tool. 

The traffic analyzer shows you the most visited pages and keywords over time on your competitors’ website.

By simply entering the URL and clicking the “Search” icon, you can conduct an instantaneous, deep search of the entire website in seconds.

The ‘Traffic Overview’ page details the website’s domain authority, monthly organic traffic, total number of backlinks, and number of keywords for which the website ranks.

You can also examine each section of the traffic report in greater detail. For example, you can expand the ‘Top Pages’ results to view the details of each published page on the website and the estimated quantity of monthly traffic it receives.


  • Affordable plans
  • Effective SEO tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Self-help resources
  • Social media results


The monthly cost of Ubersuggest ranges between $29 and $99. In addition, every subscription includes a 7-day free trial.

There is also a free plan that allows for three daily inquiries.

3. Ahrefs:


Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tool on the market, with clients such as Netflix, Uber, and Facebook. It helps you to figure out how much traffic your competitors receive and why they are so notable.

Every day, Ahrefs searches and indexes approximately 6 billion web pages and 200 million websites. It contains valuable insights that will help you outrank your competitors and attract more traffic. 

Interface is simple and user-friendly. Entering the website’s URL into the search field retrieves all its information.

The search overview report provides a summary of a site’s organic search traffic, domain authority, major competitors, and much more.

You can filter the report to see traffic statistics for the entire year, the latest 30 days, or all time.

Despite the large amount of data, it is simple to filter and identify the website metrics you seek.


  • Rank tracker
  • SEO audit
  • SEO dashboard
  • Domain comparison
  • Data export
  • Keywords research
  • Domain investigation


There are four tiers of Ahrefs (Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise), with monthly costs ranging from $99 to $999.

There is no free trial available, but refunds can be requested within 48 hours.

4. Serpstat


Serpstat offers a variety of SEO tools. What began as a simple keyword research tool has evolved into a comprehensive website analysis tool.

It is simple to use and real website traffic generator despite having numerous options. Simply enter the URL, and a traffic report will be generated.

There are features for monitoring traffic as well as tools for backlink analysis, site auditing, and rank tracking.

The traffic analysis features offer you with a variety of valuable website data, including the organic and paid keywords that are driving traffic, an average quantity of visitors per month, and the pages with the most traffic.

You’ll also find trend data, so you can observe how rankings, traffic, and keywords evolve over time.


  • Full-featured SEO analysis software
  • User-friendly interface and dashboards
  • API accessibility
  • Rapid and precise site audit
  • Up to 12,000 daily searches
  • Backlinking and rank tracking


Serpstat offers four predefined packages (Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise) in addition to a custom package that can be tailored to your needs.

  • The Lite plan costs $48 per month,
  • The Enterprise plan costs $349 per month.

In addition, a free trial is available for a limited duration.

5. Sitechecker


Sitechecker is a versatile web traffic generator tool that enables you to swiftly and accurately assess the success of your web resource marketing strategy in order to gradually boost performance.

Sitechecker’s website crawler feature aids in locating and rectifying all technical SEO errors in order to increase website traffic.

In order to help you establish a healthy website, Sitechecker enables you to check for damaged links, examine your website’s architecture, and look into the best landing page options. Additionally, the built-in keyword rank analyzer enables you to determine your domain’s Google ranking.

While Sitechecker’s primary focus is on SEO optimization, it also includes a website traffic analysis checker that displays comprehensive statistics for multiple channels and timeframes.


  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Instantaneous alerts feature
  • Check unlimited traffic, rank, and on-page SEO
  • Up to 1 million keywords
  • Weekly and periodic tracking of backlinks
  • SERP report
  • Extension for Chrome with SEO metrics


Sitechecker offers four subscription tiers; monthly and annual plans are available. Enterprises are priced between $23 and $499.

If you’re unhappy with the service, cancel within two days for a complete refund.

6. HubSpot:


HubSpot is a robust website management and marketing solution used by over 120,000 freelancers and B2B marketers from various industries.

All of the Hubspot CMS’s solutions for website traffic analysis, including metrics, marketing, SEO, and management, are readily configurable. Using the analytics tool, you can analyze the traffic data for your website, which can be classified by source, topic categories, device type, and a lot more.

The traffic report’s interval and date range can be modified, and it can be saved or exported. Any other filters you choose, like a date range, will be applied to both the raw data table and the chart show.

HubSpot’s dashboard is quite extensive and provides quick access to a myriad of monitoring options. Analyze bounce rates, visitors, sessions, CTA clicks, page views, referrals, and submission rates using its tabs.


  • Comprehensive tool for traffic analysis
  • Adaptive analysis
  • Editor with drop-and-drag interface
  • 24/7 phone support


HubSpot provides a free plan with a variety of valuable capabilities, including traffic statistics. It also offers three premium options, starting at $23 per month.

A 14-day free trial is also given.

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Final Thoughts on How to Check Website Traffic

There is an abundance of tools available for benchmarking your site’s performance against that of the competition.

You may learn a lot about the market and the strategies that are probable to bring you success by analyzing the traffic of your competitors. Search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other audience-growth strategies might potentially be evaluated by monitoring your site’s analytics.

If you want to conduct in-depth competitor study and analyze the traffic on any website, Semrush is our top recommendation. Not only does it provide accurate traffic data, but it is also one of the best SEO tools available.

We hoped that this article taught you how to track website traffic on any website. 

No matter which tool you choose, you must rapidly examine the statistics and create a website plan based on your visitors’ actions and behaviors. This will keep you ahead of competitors.

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