Security camera system

Connect a video surveillance system

Cameras are considered one of the most popular systems used to protect an apartment, house or summer cottage. A variety of technology allows you to choose an option for use in any conditions.

In apartments, security cameras can be installed inside or in the entrance. It can also be attached to any point convenient for observation, on the facade, pillars or trees, at the entrance to the site and even at a short distance outside the territory. The main thing when choosing a location is that the entrance doors are in the field of view of the lens, and the device itself remains invisible. To protect your home from thieves and robberies, please install a Security camera system.  This will help you keep a tight track of your house entries and exits. 

Data from cameras can be stored on the built-in storage, sent to a PC or smartphone (usually only when trying to break into a home) via mobile communication, and stored in the cloud. A good option would be a model with several methods of transferring and storing data JVS-HC810E, which supports both memory cards and Wi-Fi.

Classic CCTV camera JVS-HC810E with a resolution of 2 megapixels

The minimum quality to choose for an outdoor camera is HD or 720p. One of the most profitable models in this category is CARCAM CAM-725 with a price of less than 1000 rubles. But in order to take a closer look at the faces of intruders, you should pay attention to equipment for shooting in 960p or 1080p format, such as the Samsung SDC-9443BCP.

Shooting in “night mode” is a prerequisite when choosing a CCTV camera, because attempts to unauthorized entry into an apartment or house are more often observed at night. Also, models for outdoor surveillance must be resistant to weather conditions (the recommended protection class is not less than IP65) and, preferably, in an anti-vandal design. These are usually the dome cameras that are best protected from external influences.

The compact IP camera can also be installed inside the house

The CCTV camera can operate from built-in batteries or power supply. The second method is more reliable, but for outdoor installation, the only suitable option may be autonomous power supply. If the camera is turned on periodically, the batteries will last for a long time.

Camcorders don’t have to be running all the time – this not only increases power consumption (an important point for devices with batteries), but also requires a lot of storage. Although if you have a memory card or built-in storage device, recording can be carried out according to the principle of a car DVR – a new video is recorded while the old one is erased. The most popular option is to start recording when an alarm is received from the sound, light, or motion sensors that come with the cameras.

Install motion and opening sensors

Determining that someone has entered an apartment or house will help devices that monitor the state of window and door openings. Their principle of operation is based on the use of a magnet and a reed switch, when opened, a signal is transmitted to the central unit or to the “smart home” system.

The smart home system from Xiaomi also includes a sensor for opening windows and doors

Wireless models like FIBARO DOOR / WINDOW Sensor FGDW-002-3 ZW5 are easier to install and do not require a cable. Wired ones are more reliable in operation, but, firstly, they are installed longer, and secondly, it is easier for an attacker to find a control system along the wire coming from them.

Motion sensors allow you to track the penetration of strangers into a room or a protected area. Modern models detect and analyze infrared radiation. And the most functional devices such as Crow Swan Quad can analyze mass without reacting to objects up to 15-25 kg (cats, dogs and small wild animals). The same device detects movement at a distance of up to 18 meters, and its viewing angle is 110 degrees.

The Crow Swan Quad security detector will alert if someone breaks into your home

When choosing an outdoor sensor, you should pay attention to its case, which must be protected from opening, precipitation and high humidity. The device can run on batteries, but if the owners are absent from the house for more than a month, it is worth buying a model with a network connection.

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