Jollibee Menu: Burgers, Chicken, Fries, Pies & Many More

jollibee Menu

jollibee Menu

Jollibee Menu-Welcome to the Jollibee universe, where joy and taste coexist! Jollibee is a prominent fast-food company that originated in the Philippines and has achieved international acclaim for its unique blend of Filipino ingredients and foreign favorites. Jollibee, known for its friendly bee mascot and welcoming hospitality, has a broad cuisine that caters to both local and global preferences.

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Jollibee’s menu is a delectable mash-up of Western fast food and traditional Filipino dishes. Jollibee provides something for everyone, whether you want crunchy fried chicken, sweet-style spaghetti, or savory burgers.

Among the signature items available on the Jollibee menu are:

Jolly Spaghetti: A sweet spaghetti meal created in the Philippines with a rich tomato-based sauce, sliced hotdogs, ground beef, and shredded cheese on top.

Jollibee’s famed crispy fried chicken, known for its juicy and tasty flesh and finely seasoned coating.

Yumburger: A traditional Filipino-style burger with a flavorful beef patty, house-made dressing, and a soft bread.

Burger Steak: A filling dinner of tender beef burger patties topped with flavorful mushroom gravy and served with steaming rice.

Palabok Fiesta: A delicious shrimp sauce, minced pork, crispy chicharrón (pork cracklings), and a cooked egg top this classic Filipino noodle dish.

Halo-Halo: A bright and delicious Filipino dessert made with shaved ice, sweetened fruits, jellies, sweet potato, and beans, and topped with leche flan (caramel custard) and purple yam ice cream.

Jollibee’s menu is always changing, and depending on the region, extra local favorites or limited-time specials may be available. They frequently cater to a variety of preferences, including children’s meals and family-sized bundles.

Jollibee Menu(Times Square Menu) FAQ

Where can I learn more about your food (ingredients, allergen, and nutrition information)?

All of our food options have detailed nutritional and allergen information that you may download/view.

Do you use hormones or antibiotics in your chicken?

The chicken we serve contains no additional hormones. In the United States and Canada, federal restrictions ban the use of additional hormones in chicken.

We are currently looking into using chicken raised without antibiotics which we plan to implement in the future.

Is your chicken free-range?

Jollibee does not employ free-range chicken; however, all birds used are raised in USDA-approved facilities to the highest quality and safety standards.

Do you serve halal or kosher chicken?

Jollibee does not guarantee that any of its products are halal or kosher due to variations in food suppliers and ingredient sources, the usage of shared kitchen equipment, and varying halal certification criteria.

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options in your menu?

We do have meal options to suit various dietary and lifestyle preferences:

Lacto-vegetarian (no meat or eggs, but accepts dairy): Peach Mango Pie, French Fries, Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Pineapple Quencher, Coffee (certain locations), Soda

Ovo-vegetarian (no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products): Rice, Pineapple Quencher, Coffee (certain locations), and Soda

Rice, Pineapple Quencher, Coffee (certain locations), Soda are vegan (no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy).

Gluten-free options include rice, mashed potatoes (no gravy), ranch dip, honey mustard dip, halo-halo, pineapple quencher, coffee (in some stores), and soda.

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