Kohler Generator Commercial Song- Power of Live

kohler generator commercial song

There are various commercials and promotional campaigns by Kohler for their generators and other products. The specific song used in a particular commercial can vary based on the campaign, the time period, and the target audience.

To identify a specific song from a Kohler Generator commercial, you would need to provide more details about the commercial in question (like the content, the visuals, any lyrics or distinctive features of the song). Alternatively, you could use apps like Shazam or SoundHound while the commercial is playing, or search online forums where people often discuss and identify songs from commercials.

If Kohler has released new commercials after 2021 and you’re seeking information about them, the most updated information would likely be available on Kohler’s official website, their YouTube channel, or other platforms where the advertisement might be discussed or shared.

According to the advertisement, the device has a heavy-duty commercial engine with no refueling and ample power, is available whenever you need it, and is quiet even when you’re not using it.

Onscreen images depict people of all ages having fun at a house party (while the power is out), which is interrupted for a few seconds by two police officers who stopped by to see what was going on and then joined the party.

Now, consumers can receive a free 10-year Extended Warranty and discounts of up to $750.

The melody featured in the advertisement is SNAP!’s 1990 hit The Power. This track from the 1990 album “The Power Of Snap! Original Hits And Remixes” is available for $0.89 on Amazon.

For a specific list or information about a recent commercial, there are a few strategies you can try:

Official Channels: Visit Kohler’s official YouTube channel or website. They might have their commercials uploaded, and sometimes users or the company itself might mention the song in the description or comments.

Music Identification: Use music identification apps like Shazam or SoundHound when the commercial is playing.

Online Forums: Websites like Adtunes or commercial song-specific forums often have users discussing and identifying songs from commercials.

Contact Kohler: Reach out to Kohler’s customer service or marketing department. They might provide information on the music used in their campaigns.

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