Meet Dr. Ganesh Rakh if a Girl Child is Born Its Offers Free Services Whether Normal or C-Section.

Dr Ganesh Rakh

Dr. Ganesh Rakh and his health care unit Medicare Hospital Foundation Pune celebrates if a girl child is born Provides free services whether normal or C-Section. 

From agriculture to information science, and from cultural heritage to sports, india is developing in all directions. But there is still a lack of awareness and moral ethics. Even now in many parts of India people think strangely about the birth of a woman. And they celebrate the birth of a baby girl on and after that day.

We look today at the life of an ordinary physician who stands out for his extraordinary efforts. In contrast to the above, Dr Rakh celebrates the birth of each girl in his hospital.

Dr. Ganesh Rakh

Humble background. 

Dr Ganesh Rakh, who comes from the lower middle class society, always wanted to help his society. His father was a daily worker and earned roughly 1,000 rupees a month to alleviate the hunger of five. Ganesh Rakh succeeded in becoming a doctor through constant hard work. Anyone facing these battles may want to lead a lifestyle as soon as they have a chance. But in this situation he never grew selfish, but rather implanted Dr. Rakh’s philanthropy.

We get a picture of a comfortable and high standard lifestyle by hearing the word doctor. But even after he became a doctor, Dr. Rakh did not concentrate on piling up money. Instead, he wanted to be involved in developing a new society.

Dr Ganesh Rakh

Thought of conscience

The Medicare Hospital Foundation located in Hadapsar, Pune, is Dr. Ganesh Rakh’s health unit. Dr. Rakh said, “He has carried out many deliveries since the opening of the hospital. And every time we deliver a baby, the parents and their relatives celebrated it with sweets. But if a girl is born, she’ll mourn.” Such incidents inspired him to take an important step in preventing female foeticides.

Dr. Rakh used to visit patients home before his hospital was established. After that, he only began to feel the double standard of the girl child in society.

Shocking Behavior

Dr. Rakh used to consult the parents who wanted a baby boy. They used to have sex tests to abort if it was a girl. Many confessed to him saying that Boychild used to take herbal medicines. The doctor was quite upset, angry and sad but did not pay much attention. Many people in the neighborhood commented when his daughter was born and were not very happy about the birth of a girl. This shocking behavior gave the doctor an idea.

Dr Ganesh Rakh

Philanthropic Work

Dr. Rakh, who wanted to erase sexual interaction, started his change mission from his hospital by not charging a girl’s child delivery fee. In his hospital, the girl’s birthday was celebrated by cutting cake and blowing candles.

It’s not as easy to do as it sounds. If normal delivery is then the amount spent is less and it wouldn’t be so difficult to wipe them off. But they don’t even charge a penny for C-section in Dr. Rakh’s hospital. What would be cost-effective for the hospital. Nothing stops this incredible doctor in doing his philanthropic work to prevent infanticide of women.

The yield of his work

Not only does Dr Rakh help female foeticide not charge a penis for the delivery, he also encourages many other doctors to take part in his campaign and to take a pride not to perform sex determination tests.

Thus Dr. Ganesh Rakh gained himself popularity through his inspiring efforts and brought about some change in girls’ society.

Truly a great step toward humanity. India needs the same kind of real heroes Respect and a lot of love 🙏🙏👌👌 😇 Must Share 

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