Metatron: The Enigmatic Angel of the Bible and His Power




The world of biblical lore is vast and filled with enigmatic characters, and among them stands Metatron, a figure shrouded in mystery. Often referred to as the “Chancellor of Heaven” or the “Voice of God,” Metatron’s presence in religious texts has intrigued scholars and believers alike. This article delves deep into the identity of Metatron, his role in the Bible, the source of his power, and even the speculation surrounding his wife. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of this celestial being.

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Who is Metatron according to the Bible?

Metatron is not a name that appears frequently in the canonical books of the Bible. Instead, his legend primarily stems from apocryphal texts, Jewish mysticism, and the Talmud. According to these sources, Metatron is considered one of the highest-ranking angels in the heavenly hierarchy. Some interpretations even suggest that he might be the transformed Enoch, a pious man from the Old Testament who was taken to heaven and transformed into an angel.

The name “Metatron” itself is a subject of debate. Some believe it derives from the Latin word ‘metator’, meaning a guide or measurer, while others think it might be related to the Hebrew word ‘mattara’, meaning ‘keeper of the watch’. Regardless of its origin, Metatron’s name has become synonymous with divine wisdom and authority.

What did Metatron do?

Metatron’s duties in the heavenly realm are vast. As the Chancellor of Heaven, he is often depicted as God’s scribe, recording the deeds of humanity. In the Merkabah tradition of Jewish mysticism, Metatron is the guide who leads the chariot of God, representing the human’s journey towards divine understanding.

Another significant role attributed to Metatron is that of an intercessor. He acts as a bridge between the divine and the human, conveying God’s messages to humanity and presenting human prayers to God. This role further emphasizes his importance in the celestial hierarchy.

How did Metatron become so powerful?

The transformation of Enoch into Metatron is a key narrative that explains his rise to power. According to the Book of Enoch, a non-canonical Jewish religious work, Enoch was a righteous man who walked with God. Recognizing his piety, God took him to heaven. This ascension transformed Enoch into Metatron, bestowing upon him immense knowledge, wisdom, and power.

Another perspective from the Kabbalistic tradition suggests that Metatron’s power is derived from his proximity to God. Being the Voice of God, he is imbued with divine energy, making him one of the most potent angels.

Who is Metatron’s wife?

The concept of angels having spouses is not a common theme in biblical or apocryphal texts. However, some non-canonical sources and folklore do speculate about Metatron’s personal life. One such legend suggests that Metatron might have been married to the angel Sandalphon, who is sometimes considered his twin brother. This pairing is more symbolic than literal, representing the union of opposites or the balance of forces in the universe.

It’s essential to approach such legends with an understanding that they are products of cultural interpretations and are not universally accepted across religious traditions.


Metatron remains one of the most intriguing figures in religious lore. His transformation from a mortal to one of the most powerful angels, his duties as the Voice of God, and the mysteries surrounding his personal life make him a subject of endless fascination. While much of what we know about Metatron is derived from non-canonical sources, his impact on religious thought and mysticism is undeniable. As with many biblical figures, the true essence of Metatron lies not just in the facts but in the faith, interpretations, and the lessons we derive from his story.

FAQs on Metatron: The Enigmatic Angel of the Bible

1. Is Metatron mentioned in the Bible?

  • Metatron is not directly mentioned in the canonical books of the Bible. His presence and lore primarily come from apocryphal texts, Jewish mysticism, and the Talmud.

2. Who was Metatron before becoming an angel?

  • According to various sources, Metatron is believed to be the transformed Enoch, a righteous man from the Old Testament who was taken to heaven and turned into an angel.

3. What are Metatron’s primary duties?

  • Metatron is often depicted as God’s scribe, recording the deeds of humanity. He also acts as an intercessor between God and humans and is sometimes referred to as the guide of God’s chariot in the Merkabah tradition.

4. How did Metatron acquire his power?

  • Metatron’s power is believed to come from his transformation from the mortal Enoch into an angel. His proximity to God, especially as the Voice of God, also contributes to his immense power.
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