Ritika Sajdeh: The Pillar Behind Rohit Sharma, Her Association with Virat Kohli & Yuvraj Singh

ritika sajdeh

Ritika Sajdeh, wife of renowned Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma, has gained considerable recognition both due to her marital association and her professional endeavors. She hails from a sports-entrenched background and has significantly contributed to the sports management field, owing to her experience and expertise.

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Is Ritika Sajdeh manager of Virat Kohli?

A prominent query that often circulates is whether Ritika Sajdeh has ever been associated as the manager of another cricket luminary, Virat Kohli. To clarify, Ritika has a professional background in sports management and has been associated with Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment, a well-known sports management company. However, she is not the manager of Virat Kohli. Kohli has a separate set of professionals handling his managerial tasks, and Ritika’s professional endeavors are distinct, primarily focusing on her husband, Rohit Sharma.

Relationship with Yuvraj Singh:

Another misconception that pervades the cricketing domain is the assumption that Ritika Sajdeh is Yuvraj Singh’s sister. This assumption is largely unfounded and inaccurate. Ritika and Yuvraj share a warm camaraderie, rooted in mutual respect and friendship, but there is no familial tie binding them. They both have their distinctive family backgrounds, and any association between them is strictly platonic and congenial.

Professional Background and Association with Rohit Sharma:

Ritika Sajdeh is predominantly recognized as the wife of Rohit Sharma, an accolade-rich cricketer credited with several records, including the highest individual score in One Day Internationals (ODIs). Ritika and Rohit’s alliance is not merely confined to marital boundaries but extends into professional realms as well. Ritika, with her extensive background in sports management, has been an unwavering pillar of support for Rohit, both on professional fronts and personal life.

Before her marriage to Rohit Sharma, Ritika has been involved in various sports management roles and has dealt with multiple athletes, sharpening her proficiency in the domain. Her insight into the sports world has presumably been pivotal in Rohit’s journey, guiding him through his career and helping him navigate through professional commitments and endorsements.

The couple got married in December 2015, and since then, Ritika has been a constant companion to Rohit, visible supporting him from the stands, and being his backbone through thick and thin. The union is also blessed with a daughter, bringing an added layer of joy to their lives.

Contribution to Sports Management:

Ritika’s contributions to sports management have been notable. Her experience with Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment has afforded her the opportunity to work with various athletes, understanding their needs, and managing their professional commitments effectively. She has played a significant role in managing endorsements, sponsorships, and other essential aspects of an athlete’s career.

Her insights and hands-on experience in the field have enriched the professional journeys of many athletes, facilitating smooth navigation through the multifaceted world of sports. Her commitment to her role has been exemplary, fostering positive relationships and ensuring optimal management of athletes’ careers.

A Multifaceted Personality:

Beyond her professional and familial roles, Ritika Sajdeh is a multifaceted personality with a passion for wellness and fitness. She is often seen sharing glimpses of her fitness regime, inspiring many to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Her balanced approach to life, blending professional commitments with personal well-being, reflects her holistic outlook towards life.

Her interactions with various cricketers and athletes have also showcased her amiable and approachable personality, making her a well-respected figure in the sports fraternity. The respect and admiration she receives from her peers are a testament to her amiable nature and professional acumen.


Ritika Sajdeh is a remarkable figure in the sports management arena, recognized for her association with Rohit Sharma and her extensive experience in managing athletes. While she is not the manager of Virat Kohli and does not share a sibling relationship with Yuvraj Singh, her contributions to the sports world and her unwavering support to her husband, Rohit Sharma, are undeniable.

Her professional endeavors coupled with her personal attributes make her an inspiring figure, fostering positive relations in the cricketing world, and managing the multifarious aspects of athletes’ careers efficiently. Ritika’s journey is a confluence of professional excellence, personal joy, and holistic well-being, making her a notable personality in the Indian sports ecosystem.

FAQs about Ritika Sajdeh

Q1: Who is Ritika Sajdeh?

  • Answer: Ritika Sajdeh is a professional sports manager and the wife of Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma. She has worked with several athletes, focusing on managing their professional commitments and endorsements.

Q2: Is Ritika Sajdeh the manager of Virat Kohli?

  • Answer: No, Ritika Sajdeh is not the manager of Virat Kohli. While she has a background in sports management and has been associated with Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment, Virat Kohli has a separate set of professionals managing his career.

Q3: Is Ritika Sajdeh related to Yuvraj Singh?

  • Answer: No, Ritika Sajdeh is not related to Yuvraj Singh. They share a friendly relationship, but there is no familial connection between them.

Q4: How is Ritika associated with Rohit Sharma?

  • Answer: Ritika Sajdeh is the wife of Rohit Sharma. The couple got married in December 2015, and Ritika has been a constant support for Rohit both in his personal and professional life.

Q5: Do Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh have children?

  • Answer: Yes, Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh are blessed with a daughter, enriching their familial bond.
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