Shocking News Queen Elizabeth II is Dead at 96

queen elizabeth

After serving as the monarch of Great Britain for more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth passed away peacefully Friday afternoon. She had ruled Britain for the longest period of time. Here are her memorial, historical images, and live updates.

As she oversaw Britain’s transition to a post-colonial period and saw it through its divorce from the EU, the queen was held in high regard. Her tenure as monarch was a turbulent one. Still, she aimed to maintain the mystery that had ensured the royal family’s existence and to portray it as a bulwark of stability in a world of shifting values.

According to Mark Landler, our London bureau chief, “there is no analogous public figure who will have been grieved as sincerely in Britain — Winston Churchill would come closest — or whose death could trigger a larger confrontation with the identity and future of the country.”

Two days before she passed away, Queen Elizabeth II presided over a contentious change in British administration. Liz Truss became the 15th and last prime minister to hold office under the queen’s reign on Tuesday after Boris Johnson resigned following months of scandal and a bitter campaign. The queen then met with Liz Truss.

What’s next: Her oldest son, Charles, has become king and will henceforth be referred to as King Charles III. The nation will now start implementing its “London Bridge” strategy for the days after her passing. (The Guardian has a fascinating explanation.)

After hearing yesterday about her failing health, British news media moved to rolling coverage. Family members hurried to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle, where she passed away.

British economy is currently in peril as a result of the death of the queen. A problem in living expenses, worries about soaring energy prices, and escalating recession worries have gripped the country. Truss unveiled a comprehensive proposal to freeze gas and electricity prices for two years yesterday.

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