The DStv Family Channels List: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

Dstv family channels list

DStv, a prominent satellite television service in Africa, offers a plethora of channels catering to diverse tastes and preferences. One of its popular packages is the DStv Family bundle, designed to provide entertainment for the entire family. As we step into 2023, let’s delve into the channels included in this package and understand its offerings.

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Introduction to DStv Family Package

The DStv Family package is tailored to offer a mix of entertainment, news, sports, and children’s programming, ensuring there’s something for every family member. It’s a mid-tier package, striking a balance between affordability and content richness.

The DStv Family package costs R319 a month and has been the same since April. It includes 182 channels and audio/radio stations.

Package DStv Family
Price R319 per month
Number of Channels 182 channels
Country South Africa
Year 2022/2023

DStv Family Channels 2023

DStv Family Channels Channel Number
DStv 100
M-Net Movies 4 108
ME 115
Universal TV 117
Telemundo 118

Channels Galore: What’s Included in 2023? While the exact number of channels can vary, the DStv Family package for 2023 boasts a diverse range of channels. Here’s a glimpse of what subscribers can expect:

  1. Entertainment & Movies: Dive into a world of drama, comedy, and action with channels dedicated to movies and series.
  2. News & Commerce: Stay updated with global events, financial news, and current affairs.
  3. Sports: From football to cricket and tennis, sports enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of games and tournaments.
  4. Kids & Teens: Channels dedicated to cartoons, educational shows, and teen dramas ensure the younger audience is entertained.
  5. Music: Groove to the latest hits or relax with timeless classics across various music channels.
  6. Documentaries & Lifestyle: Explore the world, learn about different cultures, or pick up a new hobby with channels focused on documentaries and lifestyle content.
  7. Religion: Spiritual channels cater to various faiths, offering sermons, teachings, and religious programs.

Channels on the DStv Family Package

DStv Family is ideal for families who want to spend quality time together. There is something for everyone in the family with 182 TV stations. DStv Family has it all, from educational programming to lighthearted amusement. National Geographic teaches children about science and nature, while Cartoon Network allows them to express their creativity. Parents can stay up to date on current events by watching CNN or unwind by watching a movie on Mzansi Wethu.

When ordering a DStv plan, you may have specific channels in mind; however, most people find it difficult to go through the extensive list to verify if those channels are included.

Sports Channels on DStv Family

Not much changed from last year in this category as most of the TV channels were carried over. These are the sports channels available on the Family package: BLITZ, SuperSport La Liga, SuperSport Football, SuperSport Variety 4, and TellyTrack.

Channel Name Channel Number
SuperSport Premier Soccer League (PSL) 202
SuperSport LA LIGA 204
SuperSport FOOTBALL 205
SuperSport VARIETY 4 209
TellyTrack 249

Why Choose the DStv Family Package?

  1. Affordability: Priced at R319 a month (as of the latest update), the DStv Family package offers value for money.
  2. Diverse Content: With a mix of local and international channels, there’s no shortage of content to explore.
  3. Parental Control: Parents can set controls to ensure children only access age-appropriate content.
  4. Additional Features: Subscribers can benefit from features like the 8-Day TV Guide and the ability to stream content online through DStv Now.

Common Questions About the DStv Family Package:

  1. How often are channels updated? DStv periodically reviews and updates its channel list to provide fresh and relevant content.
  2. Can I upgrade or downgrade from the Family package? Yes, subscribers can choose to move to a different package based on their preferences.
  3. Is there a contract? DStv offers both contract and no-contract options, allowing flexibility for subscribers.


The DStv Family package for 2023 continues to be a favorite among households, offering a blend of entertainment, education, and information. Whether you’re a movie buff, a sports fanatic, or a parent looking for child-friendly content, the DStv Family package ensures there’s something for everyone. As we embrace a new year, it’s the perfect time to explore the myriad of channels and shows that this package has to offer.

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