Unique Type of Content That Will Generate You 200,000 Visitors Per Month

Unique Type of Content That Will Generate You 200,000 Visitors Per Month

Therefore, if you want to succeed, don’t just ask yourself, “What type of content is my competition producing?” Consider what kinds of content my competitors are not producing that people would adore. And one thing we’ve observed is that consumers enjoy courses. The issue with the majority of available courses is that the excellent ones cost money.

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Here’s a guide on a few content types you might consider:

  1. In-Depth Industry Reports & Studies:
    • Why: Original data and insights attract backlinks, press mentions, and social shares.
    • How: Conduct surveys, analyze large datasets, or run experiments in your industry. For example, if you’re in the SaaS space, publish an annual report on the state of SaaS in the current year.
  2. Interactive Tools & Calculators:
    • Why: They offer practical value to users, leading to repeat visits and shares.
    • How: Build a mortgage calculator for a real estate site, a nutrition calculator for a health site, or a budget planner for a finance site.
  3. Comprehensive Guides & Tutorials:
    • Why: These serve as one-stop solutions for readers, increasing page dwell time and backlinks.
    • How: Write the definitive guide on a popular topic in your niche. For example, “The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Gardening”.
  4. Video Content & Webinars:
    • Why: Video consumption is on the rise and can capture audiences that written content might miss.
    • How: Create a YouTube channel, host webinars on trending topics, or develop tutorial videos.
  5. Interactive Quizzes & Tests:
    • Why: Highly shareable on social media and can lead to viral effects.
    • How: Design a fun and insightful quiz related to your niche and promote it on social platforms.
  6. Podcasts with Industry Experts:
    • Why: Podcasts can tap into a growing audience of audio content consumers.
    • How: Start a podcast series, interview thought leaders, and promote episodes on various platforms.
  7. Visual Infographics & Data Visualizations:
    • Why: They simplify complex data and are highly shareable.
    • How: Use tools like Canva or work with a designer to create visually appealing infographics on trending topics.
  8. Case Studies:
    • Why: They showcase real-world applications and results, building trust and authority.
    • How: Document the success stories of your clients or conduct an in-depth analysis of industry success.
  9. Listicles with a Twist:
    • Why: Easy to digest and share but stand out by adding unique value.
    • How: Instead of regular lists, curate exclusive expert insights or predictions, e.g., “50 Industry Experts Predict the Future of Marketing”.
  10. Community Content:
    • Why: Engages your audience directly, fostering loyalty.
    • How: Host AMAs (Ask Me Anything), create forums, or encourage user-generated content.

To truly achieve such significant traffic:

  • Promote Your Content: Utilize email marketing, social media, paid advertising, SEO, and influencer outreach.
  • Engage Your Audience: Reply to comments, conduct polls, and actively participate in discussions.
  • Consistency is Key: Publish regularly and maintain a consistent content calendar.
  • Analyze & Optimize: Use tools like Google Analytics to see what’s working and refine your approach.

So, I reasoned, why not simply produce excellent content and courses and distribute them for free? And that’s not just generating a great deal of traffic, right? I am no longer required to continually update my text-based content; instead, I am creating a new type of content that is simple to create and record.

It actually takes me less time to create a PowerPoint presentation than it does to write a blog post because I can pay others to create them, provide feedback, assist them with the outline, record it, and then, you know, my team uploads it and I record it.

And I construct each of these modules in a matter of ten to fifteen minutes. As you can see, it is a very streamlined process that generates a great deal of traffic. Each week, we receive an incredible number of page views. And it’s incredible.

The time spent on the site is excellent, and the transfer rate, which is only 63%, is not terrible. The attrition rate is acceptable, and things are going extremely well.

Consider creating courses, don’t upload them to Udemy or any of these sites host them on your own website and give them away for free, and think about the quality courses that people pay for and literally make them and give them away for free, and be sure to include the worksheets, the assets I showed you.

Similar to this checklist or content calendar, and more so than a calendar, this is a fill-in-the-blanks worksheet. This type of information helps to drive traffic.

Once you release the worksheets, cheat sheets, and pamphlets that correspond to each module, you’ll begin to observe that these training materials receive a substantial amount of traffic over time.

And many of my older, still-relevant courses that I created many, many months ago continue to receive more traffic today. Interestingly, some of them now receive more traffic than they did three, four, or five months ago.

If you want more traffic, consider copying what I’m doing; it’s working well, and I bet your competitors aren’t doing it. Even though there aren’t many words on a page, you can get a lot of referral traffic and social traffic, which is a bit different than what most people are used to, which is optimizing for Google traffic.

Leave a comment below if you have any concerns, and I will do my best to respond and assist you. If you enjoyed this content, please subscribe to the channel, like the video, share it with others, and spread the word so that we can gain more subscribers.

And here’s the kicker: what isn’t reflected in these analytics is all the additional traffic I’m receiving from YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which is even more than this if you consider all of my video views, in addition to all of these website views.

And of course, if you need assistance with your content marketing and are developing similar training materials, please visit my advertising agency, Neil Patel Digital. We appreciate your attention.

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