Unlock Professional Style For X-Ray Techs With Vests And Skirts


As an X-ray tech, you know first-hand the importance of radiation protection gear that keeps you safe without getting in the way. The right styles allow you to move comfortably while scanning patients and performing procedures, even during long shifts. 

With vests and skirts for x-ray techs, the perfect blend of protection and unrestricted mobility is complete. Choosing pieces with features like flex back panels, adjustable closures, shoulder pads, and colorful patterns gives you coverage and support while matching your personal taste. With the right radiation protection outfit, you can focus on patients rather than your gear.

Look for key features like:

Adjustable Waist and Shoulder Flaps Add Comfort

Hook and loop closures at the waist and shoulders allow you to customize the fit of the vest for maximum comfort. Get the right amount of coverage while avoiding a bulky, restrictive feel. Being able to adjust the vest ensures you can bend and stretch without any pulling or gaping in coverage.

Shoulder Pads Prevent Strain

Built-in shoulder pads distribute the vest’s weight across your shoulders rather than concentrating it in one spot. This protects you from neck, back and shoulder pain or strain after long procedures like fluoroscopic or mobile x-rays. The right shoulder pads offer cushioning without limiting your range of motion.

A Flex Back Moves With You

A vest featuring a flex back panel gives you much more flexibility and range of motion than traditional stiff lead aprons. The flexible back material is designed to flow and bend with your body’s natural movement. Rather than a vest that stays flat and rigid, a flex back shifts with you as you sit, stand, reach or twist. This allows you to scan patients and perform procedures without restriction or worries of the vest creeping up.

The flex back panel is made of overlapping segments that adapt to the way your spine and shoulders move. This preserves your full range of motion so you can work comfortably without straining against a fixed barrier. Whether you need to lean over for positioning or stretch for equipment, the flex back vest moves with you for consistent protection. 

Choose From Several Color Options

Vests come in various color options from basic black to bright pink. Select a color you enjoy and that fits with the scrub tops you already own. Options like white, navy and grey match most scrub sets. Or make a bold statement with purple, teal, red or print patterns. Find the best color for your personal style. 

Secure Protection With Wrap-Around Skirts

For radiation protection below the waist, pair your vest with a wrap-around skirt. These skirts fully overlap in the front to ensure coverage even when bending or crouching down. The wrap style fits snugly around your hips, secured by an extra wide hook and loop fastener and quick-release buckle. This prevents gaping that could compromise protection.

The skirts come with handy features like a large side pocket for storing markers and loops to hang your dosimeter. For convenience, skirts can be ordered to match your vest as a complete set. Or mix and match pieces separately.

As an X-ray tech, the right vest and skirt set allows you to stay protected and comfortable even during long days in radiology. Look for vests with flex backs, adjustable closures and shoulder pads along with colorful patterns to match your style. Pair with a knit or pleated skirt for full coverage. With the right radiation protection outfit, you can focus on providing excellent patient care while staying safe.

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