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In the world of entertainment journalism, few names stand out as prominently as “Us Weekly.” This magazine has been a staple on newsstands for decades, offering readers a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of their favorite celebrities. But what exactly is Us Weekly magazine? How can one contact them? And who are its main competitors? Let’s dive deep into these questions and more.

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Is Us Weekly a Gossip Magazine?

To label Us Weekly merely as a gossip magazine might be an oversimplification. While it’s true that the magazine often delves into the personal lives of celebrities, it’s also a source of entertainment news, fashion trends, and lifestyle tips. However, the line between entertainment news and gossip can sometimes be thin.

Gossip, by definition, involves sharing personal or private information, often based on rumors rather than verified facts. Us Weekly, like many entertainment magazines, does sometimes tread into this territory. They report on celebrity relationships, breakups, and other personal events that the stars might prefer to keep private. But it’s essential to note that the magazine also provides factual entertainment news, such as movie releases, music albums, and celebrity interviews.

So, while Us Weekly does have elements of a gossip magazine, it’s more accurate to describe it as an entertainment news source that includes gossip as part of its content.

How Do I Contact Us Weekly?

Whether you’re an avid reader with feedback, a PR representative with a story pitch, or just someone with a burning question, contacting Us Weekly is relatively straightforward. The magazine’s official website typically has a “Contact Us” section, which provides details on how to get in touch. This might include a general email address, phone numbers for different departments, and a postal address for traditional mail.

For those looking to pitch stories or provide exclusive tips, it’s advisable to contact the magazine’s editorial team directly. However, always ensure that the information you’re providing is accurate and respectful of privacy boundaries.

Is the Magazine ‘Us Weekly’ or ‘Us Weekly’?

This is a common question, and the confusion is understandable given the magazine’s branding. The correct title is “Us Weekly.” The word “Us” stands alone, and “Weekly” indicates its frequency of publication. Over the years, the magazine has become so iconic that many simply refer to it as “Us,” but when mentioning its full title, “Us Weekly” is the way to go.

Who Are Us Weekly’s Competitors?

In the competitive world of entertainment journalism, Us Weekly is undoubtedly a major player. However, it’s not without its rivals. Some of the magazine’s main competitors include:

  1. People Magazine: Perhaps one of the most well-known competitors, People Magazine offers a mix of celebrity news, human-interest stories, and lifestyle content. It’s been in publication since 1974 and has a vast readership.
  2. InTouch Weekly: Another weekly publication, InTouch focuses primarily on celebrity news and gossip. It’s known for its bold headlines and exclusive scoops.
  3. Star Magazine: Originally a tabloid newspaper in the 1970s, Star transitioned into a glossy magazine format in the 2000s. It covers celebrity news, gossip, and fashion.
  4. Entertainment Weekly: While it covers some of the same ground as Us Weekly, Entertainment Weekly leans more towards entertainment news and reviews rather than personal celebrity stories.
  5. TMZ: Initially a website, TMZ has since expanded into television and has a reputation for breaking celebrity news stories. It’s more of a direct news source than a traditional magazine but is undoubtedly a competitor in the entertainment news space.


Us Weekly has carved out a significant niche in the world of entertainment journalism. While it does have elements of a gossip magazine, it offers a broader range of content, from factual news stories to lifestyle tips. For those looking to contact the magazine, the best approach is to visit their official website and navigate to the contact section. And while the magazine has several competitors in the market, its unique blend of content and style ensures it remains a favorite among readers.

Remember, in the fast-paced world of entertainment, magazines like Us Weekly provide a window into the glamorous – and sometimes not-so-glamorous – lives of celebrities. Whether you’re seeking the latest gossip or just want to stay updated on entertainment news, Us Weekly and its competitors have got you covered.

FAQs about Us Weekly Magazine

1. What is Us Weekly?

  • Us Weekly is an entertainment magazine that offers readers insights into the lives of celebrities, entertainment news, fashion trends, and lifestyle tips.

2. Is Us Weekly a gossip magazine?

  • While Us Weekly does cover celebrity personal lives and rumors, it also provides factual entertainment news. Thus, it’s more accurate to describe it as an entertainment news source that includes elements of gossip.

3. How can I contact Us Weekly?

  • You can contact Us Weekly through their official website’s “Contact Us” section, which provides details like email addresses, phone numbers, and a postal address.

4. Is the magazine’s name “Us Weekly” or “Us Weekly”?

  • The correct title of the magazine is “Us Weekly.”

5. Who are the main competitors of Us Weekly?

  • Some of the main competitors of Us Weekly include People Magazine, InTouch Weekly, Star Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and TMZ.

6. Does Us Weekly only cover celebrity gossip?

  • No, Us Weekly covers a range of topics, including entertainment news, movie releases, music albums, celebrity interviews, fashion trends, and lifestyle tips.

7. How often is Us Weekly published?

  • As the name suggests, Us Weekly is a weekly publication.
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