What Happened To The Judge Who Broke The Guitar- Dmytro Shurov

What Happened To The Judge Who Broke The Guitar- Dmytro Shurov

The incident you’re referring to is the well-known case of “United Airlines, Inc. vs. Carroll.” In 2008, Canadian artist Dave Carroll went with United Airlines and watched baggage handlers abusing his guitar, causing substantial damage to the instrument. What is Dmytro Shurov best known for?

Shurov is a pianist, keyboard player, and guitarist.

Okean Elzy, his first band, hired him as a studio musician in 2000. The next year, he was admitted as a member.

He quit Okean Elzy in 2004 to join Esthetic Education.

From 2006 until 2009, he was also a member of the band Zemfira.

In 2013, he was named Best Singer at the Ukraine Elle Style Awards.

Shurov served as an X Factor judge in seasons 8 and 9.

After requesting compensation from United Airlines for the broken guitar, the corporation denied his claim, forcing Dave Carroll to seek justice in another way. He wrote the song “United Breaks Guitars,” which went viral on YouTube, receiving millions of views and international attention.

The song quickly went viral, turning United Airlines’ public relations nightmare. The incident brought to light customer service shortcomings as well as the influence of social media in amplifying consumer complaints. The unfavorable publicity pushed United Airlines to reconsider its customer care procedures and how damaged luggage was handled.

Regarding the judge, it is crucial to note that the issue did not get to court because Dave Carroll chose to communicate his dissatisfaction through music and social media rather than pursue a legal case. The incident was primarily resolved through public opinion and media coverage, leading to United Airlines eventually compensating Dave Carroll for the damage to his guitar.

Dmytro Shurov, A Judge On The X Factor, Breaks A contestant’s Guitar Video

Dmytro Shurov, an X Factor judge, is noted for his distinct sense of humour. But his latest stunt will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows. In a video shared to Twitter, the Ukrainian celebrity can be seen smashing a contestant’s guitar during an audition in London.

Shurov seized hold of his instrument and easily smashed it in half after asking the musician to play a tune. He hurled the fragments into the crowd and went away, laughing madly. The video has already gone viral, with many calling Shurov’s actions “childish” and “unprofessional.”

Dmytro Shurov Apology 

Shurov is notorious for his harsh criticism of contestants, which he normally waits for the conclusion of the show, but this time he shattered the guitar during the contestant’s performance. The video of this incident quickly went viral, with many viewers expressing their disgust at Shurov’s actions. Under intense public pressure from supporters, he officially apologized for his misbehavior. Also, don’t forget to read How To Hold The Guitar on our Missing Link Records website.

The case of “United Breaks Guitars” exemplifies the power of social media and how one consumer’s displeasure may have far-reaching consequences for a company’s reputation and customer relations.

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