What is xResolver? Top 7 Alternatives


Games for consoles can now be played online just as easily as on other platforms. Users can interact with one another and chat while playing games thanks to it. Additionally, it helps in the development of constructive competition. Most gamers use a Gamertag or an alias to log into a game. An internet database called xResolver houses the IP addresses of online players. These IP addresses are obtained by xResolver from the players’ usernames. The Xbox console is symbolized by the letter X in the name of this internet resource. It can still be used with other gaming consoles, though. As a result, it is occasionally referred to as the Xbox resolver and PlayStation resolver.

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Let’s understand thoroughly about xResolver.

What is xResol. MN , ver?

The online service known as xResolver is described as keeping track of gamers’ Gamertags and IP addresses on Xbox, Playstation, and PC. The purpose of xResolver is to protect the username and gamertag from online hackers. Gamertags and usernames are converted into IP addresses as xResolver’s main function.

An Xbox resolver that uses bots to scrape data is included in xResolver to perform these tasks. The Xbox player’s username, ISP address, and IP address are all included in this data.

Gamertags and player IDs from Xbox and PlayStation players are parsed by the online service xResolver into readable IP format. An Xbox resolver or PlayStation resolver are other names for it. It is essentially a database that scrapes different player information, such as an individual’s IP address, alias, and ISP information. c

It accomplishes this by using sophisticated algorithms to look for private information. While it could be advantageous in some circumstances, it can also disclose your online identity, which is easily exploitable by others. The following promises are made by xResolver to its users:

The information that was obtained is allegedly public in nature and is legitimately available online. However, how it is used will depend on other users.

You must pay a charge in order to have your Gamertag removed from the website’s database or to have it blacklisted.

What does xResolver Do?

As previously stated, it is in charge of keeping information on IP addresses and their connections to Gamertags that is accessible to the general public. Notably, the public has access to this kind of information or data. It indicates that, legally speaking, sharing it on a public website is not prohibited.

The issue is that the individual trying to connect your IP address with your profile could not have the best of intentions. It’s possible that the person is a hacker who is searching for information about your PS4, PC, Xbox, or connected IP address.

You can give interested parties access to your sensitive information with xResolver. Your physical network connection and your online identity are connected by this private information. They can target you in a variety of ways once they gain access to your private information. Attacks involving distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) could be one of these.

Features of xResolver

The capabilities that xResolver offers are numerous and fascinating. Let’s examine a few of them.

Identification of Geo Location

You may find out where your opponent is geographically with xResolver. You can do this using its IP lookup function. This is among the player’s IP address’s most crucial pieces of information. This aspect consequently becomes the most intriguing.

IP Logging

Customized links can be created using xResolver. Sending users these links allows you to capture their IP addresses. These personalized links assist in gathering browser and location-related data. The IP logger gives xResolver new features and aids in the detection of Incognito mode.

Both Gamertag Resolver and PSN username

Both Xbox and PlayStation players will love the features and functionality that come with xResolver. The current tool set makes it easier to extract IP address-related data. You don’t need to search the internet for bots to explore Gamertags and usernames. The use of artificial intelligence makes things much simpler and more practical.

Friendly User Interface and Operation

The way that xResolver functions is rather straightforward. In a matter of minutes, you can find out your opponent’s IP address. Additionally, locating Gamertag is really easy.

IP address blacklisting for individuals

One of the important features available for separate purchase with xResolver is blacklisting. Your IP address and personal information can be hidden from your competitors with this option. Regardless of how tech-savvy they are, they cannot locate any of your personal information.

The Top 7 xResolver Alternatives

As you may already be aware, xResolver has numerous serious flaws that could negatively impact your online identity. Here are some safer substitutes for xResolver that provide comparable services. There are a few solutions that are entirely free, even though the majority may cost you money.

  1. Lanc Remastered PCPs

An open-source network monitoring and packet sniffing programme is called Lanc Remastered PCPs. It collects IP addresses from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network gaming sessions and keeps them as gamertags in its database.

It is a user-friendly platform with a lively online community. You can use it as a resolver by looking for a specific player’s Gamertag or alias in their database. Another free tool that is compatible with the majority of browsers is Lanc Remastered PCPs.

  1. Xboxresolver

Xboxresolver is another free web application that can extract IP addresses from an Xbox Live Gamertag. You can view a player’s online details, including IP address, location, username, and ISP information, after inputting their Gamertag.

However, some visitors have mentioned problems with this site, including poor loading times. If you experience this, try refreshing the page or clearing the cache in your browser.

  1. Xboxonebooter

Similar in function to xResolver, Xboxonebooter is one of the few open-source IP booters, pullers, and grabbers that can be used both offline and online. Additionally, it offers Xbox VPN alternatives.

The website also includes comprehensive instructions for booting a player online by obtaining their IP address. Its many tools are more than capable of obtaining a player’s username, geolocation, and other online information.

  1. PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter is a tool that the Xboxonebooter is comparable to. It is the PS4 equivalent of the Xbox web tool, which was created by the same people. Players’ PlayStation Network IP addresses are pulled, grabbed, and booted. Additionally, it instructs users on the necessity of a VPN for a PS4 as well as how to boot other online players.

  1. OctoSniff

An IP sniffer called OctoSniff is compatible with a number of Xbox and PlayStation console models. It operates by removing packets and decrypting the usernames they carry. Using this programme, you may match IP addresses to usernames in PlayStation games and recover packets from a variety of Xbox games.

Although OctoSniff offers a free trial, you must purchase the Pro version to have access to all features. Click this link for more information about pricing.

  1. ConsoleSniffer

A network analysis and surveillance programme called ConsoleSniffer functions as an IP puller without requiring a jailbreak. It only functions with the majority of multiplayer games and is Windows compatible. It finds the IP address, geolocation, and ISP of a player similarly to the other programmes mentioned above.

ConsoleSniffer is available for download and use for only $20 USD, and you may pay using PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit cards. It works with the majority of Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as VPNs.

  1. XboxReplay

XboxReplay is another online resource that is free and open-source. You may search its database for gamertags using its website search function. The website allows you to search for online-shared Xbox screenshots and videos. It permits viewing, sharing, and downloading game DVR content and is ad-free.

The website will reveal your chosen Gamertag’s IP information, country, city, and ISP information after it has been located.

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Final Words

Most Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players automatically choose to use IP grabbers like xResolver. Through these network monitoring programmes and websites, you can have fun getting to know other gamers, but you also run the risk of getting into trouble if you reveal any of your own online information.

As a result, this guide should assist you in understanding xResolver and its alternatives. Keep in mind to use caution whenever using these tools.

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