What Skills Do You Need for an Escape Room?

Escape Room

One of the main characteristics of a good Escape Room is a high difficulty rating. But what are the specific skills you need to have? The following list is my best guess at what skills you need to be successful. Remember, these are just “the basics.” In my opinion, you can add skills as you learn more about your Escape Room.

Designing of Escape Rooms

First, one ordinary skill you need to be successful: Communication. In an Escape Room in NWI, all players communicate with each other through terminals or computer systems. So be sure that your players all have good communication skills! It is often tempting to let one player do most of the talking and puzzles, but the more skilled players quickly get wise to this idea and start hiding. If you need more help, there are many books on designing Escape Rooms that can give you some good ideas.

Computer Skills 

This is probably an essential skill. You need to keep track of everyone and everything that is going on in the room. If you cannot find your cat, you will not be able to complete the escape! Please make sure you are familiar with the various computer systems and their functions to know what is going on and where everything is located.

Math Skills. Be sure that you know how to use the math skills in an Escape Room. Some rooms have problems with natural or digital objects that have an incorrect value…like a compass always pointing to the south. If you find yourself in a tight spot, you may need to use some math skills to figure out what is going on.

Escape Rooms

Science skills. Here is another one that you should consider, although it may not seem like much at first. Can you solve puzzles? Escape Rooms are based on real-life puzzles… for instance, a child may find a wooden box with a snake inside it. They must unscramble the message from the mystery to get the inside information; otherwise, the room they are in will not work.

Photography skills. You will be using the pictures you take to find clues in the puzzles and each room. Make sure that you can find a good camera to take the images, or even better yet, rent a spy camera to make the photos look like real spy cameras!

Medical skills. If you think you are up to the task of finding and rescuing the other escapees, you will need to know how to perform first aid. There are many situations that you will be required to handle and help the other inmates with, so make sure you can perform basic first aid skills. As well, make sure you know how to use bandages and some form of medicine for injuries.

Science Skills 

Escape rooms are based on real-life science experiments. Without the proper science skills, you might end up dying in the Escape Room before you ever get out! If you want to be the master of your Escape Room, then make sure you learn as many skills as you can. Even if you need to buy some popcorn and a soda here and there, the important thing is to know that you can save the other escapees if need be!

Criminal skills. Now this one isn’t quite as important as it used to be. Now that you aren’t on the other team, you can easily sneak out and not be seen by any other residents. This makes being a criminal your best option, but if you want to be as good as your counterparts, you need to master at least one skill. Some people may handle one gift, while others need to focus their efforts on two or more. Make sure to pick skills that you are good at.

Math Skills

In an escape room, the last thing you want to do is stumble upon the authorities. Thankfully, with so many skills like decryption, lock picking, and hiding things within the Escape Room, you won’t have any problems running away from the law. You can even make use of your math skills, like calculating how much time you have until you slip through the wall.


These are the only skills you need for an escape room challenge. Others include writing or crafts, computer skills like computers, paper, electronics, and chemistry skills like chemistry and biology. The more you combine the skills you have listed, the better your escape will be!

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