Which Korean Dishes To Try In Dehradun? Know Here


Every Indian has a special place in their heart for Korean food, and it has become an essential component of Dehradun’s culinary scene. The distinctive flavours, a wide variety of dishes, and the adoption of Korean recipes to suit Indian palates are the reasons why Korean cuisine is so well-liked in Dehradun. You may discover delicious snacks whether you eat at one of the greatest Korean restaurants in Dehradun or enjoy Korean cuisine on the nearby street markets. In our fast-paced lives, quick and effective meal delivery services in Dehradun are a blessing. Online restaurants in Dehradun are available whenever you need them, whether it’s due to sudden food cravings, last-minute plans for a celebration, or just a lack of time to prepare meals. By rapidly setting your appetites, you can enjoy a quick and delicious lunch without having to sacrifice your busy schedule.

Popular Korean Dishes To Have When You Are In Dehradun

Egg Rice Topokki

One of the most well-known Korean meals and street foods in Dehradun is hot Egg Rice Topokki. The addicting, savoury, spicy, and just a touch sweet sauce is drizzled over the chewy, soft-on-the-outside rice cakes. The rice cakes always seemed to be covered in a glossy red sauce that screamed deliciously and was soft and chewy, and this dish is available at Korean restaurants in Dehradun. Pair that with a boiled egg half or a strip of fish cake with sauce. It’s impossible not to succumb to the temptation of this dish!


Let’s begin our list of traditional Korean foods with kimchi from Korean restaurants in Dehradun. Actually, this sour and spicy dish is what most foreign visitors to Dehradun associate with Korean cuisine. This dish contains a  seasoned paste of red pepper, ginger, garlic, and salted shrimp combined with fermented vegetables, primarily cabbage, radish, and scallions.

Japchae (Stir-Fried Noodles)

One of the most popular Korean noodle dishes, japchae, is a must-order for everyone who enjoys noodles. Sweet potato noodles are combined with shredded veggies, soy sauce, and a touch of sweetness to make a delicious plate of japchae. Typically, it is offered as a side dish during lunch and dinner that you can enjoy from Korean restaurants in Dehradun. The chewy texture and sweet flavour will leave you wanting more!

Samgyeopsal (Pork Strips)

It is impossible to discuss the best Korean cuisine without mentioning samgyeopsal from the kitchen of a Korean restaurant in Dehradun! Slices of grilled pork belly are dipped in a seasoning of pepper, salt, and sesame oil before being served. These slices are then wrapped in lettuce along with some minced garlic and onion. Now for the exciting part! When you order the dish in a restaurant, it is grilled right there on your table to give it that smokey, genuine flavour.

Bibimbap (Rice Bowl)

Bibimbap, a bowl of satisfying starch with various toppings mixed in, is a vibrant dish that will tempt you to eat every last morsel. A delicious bowl of rice from Korean restaurants in Dehradun is combined with a variety of seasoned and sautéed veggies, soy sauce, fried eggs, and gochujang, a fiery chilli paste. In case you’re seeking vegetarian options, it can also be served without any meat!

Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake)

This dish is among the top Korean breakfast options and will give you the energy you need for your early-morning tasks. It is a well-known savoury pancake made primarily of shrimp and scallions. The pancakes of this Korean restaurant in Dehradun are made with a batter of rice flour, eggs, green onions, and seafood (shrimp, scallops, oysters, and squid). You will love the soft and chewy texture, I assure you.

Hotteok (Korean Pancakes)

Hotteok is a different pancake on the menu that is a touch sweeter this time. This well-known snack has a crunchy outside and a gooey, delicious interior. Your mouth will melt with each bite! A round piece of dough is filled with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, honey and peanuts to make hotteok (also spelled hoeddeok). The flavour is then enhanced by cooking these on a griddle. Therefore, if you have a sweet craving, you should try this delicious Korean cuisine, which can easily be ordered from the most popular Korean restaurants in Dehradun.

Gimbap or Kimbap (Korean Sushi)

A seaweed roll is stuffed with rice, pork, eggs, and stir-fried vegetables. Gim is essentially dried seaweed sheets, and bap is translated as rice, hence the name. These are provided with kimchi and presented as bite-sized buns. Kimbap is the ideal go-to snack to satisfy all of your hungry cravings because it is so colourful and delicious. Oh, and nearly forgot, tofu is occasionally used in place of beef in traditional kimbap to create a delicious vegan dish available at Dehradun restaurants for visitors. Therefore, you should know what to get if you’re looking for vegan Korean food, then choose a Korean restaurant in Dehradun wisely.

Spicy Soft Tofu Stew

Prepare yourself to savour a bowl of unique flavour with Spicy Soft Tofu Stew. Gochujang (chilli paste), tofu, veggies, and delectable fish are all generously used in this dish. A raw egg is placed on top, and it is presented in a sizable stone bowl. This food comes in a variety of forms. Whichever option you select from Korean restaurants in Dehradun, the soup is incredibly reviving.

How do you get Korean Food in Dehradun?

In Dehradun, ordering Korean food is simple. Visit the website of Swiggy, enter your location information, browse the Korean restaurants that are nearby, choose your favourite foods, and then finish the checkout process. You may tailor your order of Korean food to suit your tastes. While placing your order, you have the option of adding more details or requesting changes to the ingredients, spice levels, or any other particular specifications.

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