2023 European CanSat Competition

2023 European CanSat Competition

Through project-based learning, the European CanSat Competition is an ESA Education initiative that encourages young European students to develop their STEM skills. A CanSat is a model of a genuine satellite that has been incorporated into the size and form of a soft drink can. The team’s task is to cram all the satellite’s essential components into this tiny space, which will be launched by a tiny rocket up to a height of 1 kilometre. The CanSat’s mission starts as it descends.

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The 2023 European CanSat Competition registration is now open!

Teams of three to six secondary school students, ages 14 to 19, are invited to compete from ESA Member States, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

The project phases are:’


Your team must create a CanSat that meets the mission objectives at this initial phase.

Build & Test

Build your envisioned CanSat, making sure it complies with all technical specifications. Don’t forget to test again and again!


The CanSat’s mission will start when it is dropped from a drone, rocket, or captive balloon at an altitude of up to 1 kilometre. Both the national competition and the European CanSat Launch Campaign are where this occurs.

Every year, national CanSat tournaments are held in numerous nations. If this is the situation in your nation, you should first compete in the CanSat competition there. You’ll be allowed to compete in the European CanSat Competition if your team wins.

For students from Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, this is not the case. Since some nations do not yet have a national competition, you should submit your application through ESA.

The national competition winners from each country, as well as the teams directly chosen by ESA, will take part in the European launch campaign, which will run from June 26 to June 30, 2023. Early in 2023, the location* of the European CanSat Competition will be revealed. The majority of the campaign expenses, such as lodging and meals, will be covered by ESA; however, travellers will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

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