2023 Examination Schedule- American Board of Physician Specialties

American Board of Physician Specialties exams schedule

2023 Examination Schedule Written Examinations All written exams administered by the American Board of Physician Specialties use computer-based testing administration. Depending on the specialty, our examinations are available at a network of testing locations across the United States and Canada and are administered during three-week testing windows (the first through the 21st) in May, August, or October of each year.

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With some testing locations offering evening or weekend testing times, registered applicants can choose the time, day, and location that best fits their schedule.

Approved candidates get registration materials in the mail three months before the relevant exam window.

Certification and Recertification Application and Examination Schedule:

Specialty:  Due Dates for Completion of Application File: For CBT Exam In:
Diagnostic Radiology
Emergency Medicine (Recertification Only)
Family Medicine Obstetrics
Integrative Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery
Applications due: October 31, 2022 

Late Deadline: December 1, 2022**

May 2023
Emergency Medicine (Certification Only) Applications due: December 15, 2022 

Late Deadline: February 1, 2023**

August 2023
Administrative Medicine
Disaster Medicine
Emergency Medicine (Recertification Only)
Family Medicine
Internal Medicine

Applications due: March 31, 2023

Late Deadline: May 1, 2023**

Important  Note

Before being examined by the Board, all applications must be finished. After receiving all required forms and accompanying materials, an application is considered finished. You won’t be able to take your exam until the next test administration window since incomplete applications won’t be reviewed and will be held until the following board review session.

A higher application fee is charged for applications submitted after the Late Deadline. Our last application date for the tests in 2023 is the late deadline.

Go to “Board Certifications,” then to the webpage of the relevant specialty, and click on the “Exam Process, Dates, and Fees” to view our initial certification application and exam fee schedules for the May, August, and October specialty examinations. The pricing structure can be found by selecting the ‘Recertification Fee Schedule’ link on the homepage of the relevant specialty.

Exams For Oral Certification

Before being allowed to take the oral/simulation exam, candidates for initial certification must first satisfactorily complete the written test. Not all specialties demand oral examinations. Once a year, oral exams are offered for relevant specialties. Approved candidates will get registration materials in the mail around three months before the exam.

Projected Oral Examination Dates:

Specialty: Dates:
Diagnostic Radiology
Family Medicine Obstetrics
Orthopedic Surgery
Fall 2023 (Date TBD)
Emergency Medicine March 30-31, 2023

Please Read

For applicants whose religious customs prevent them from taking an exam on the scheduled day, the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) offers alternative testing dates.

Go to Boards of Certification, select the relevant specialty board, and click on the link for Exam Process, Dates, and Fees for the most recent written and oral exam costs for initial certification.


Candidates for the written and oral exams are in charge of making travel and lodging arrangements and paying for those costs directly. In addition to exam fees, ABPS will not be held liable for any additional costs, such as lost earnings or travel expenses.

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