2023 Interior Design Awards

The A’ Interior Design Competition is a freestyle design competition that is open to interior projects in both the concept stage and the realised stage that have been created by professional and young architects, architecture studios, and other businesses in this industry throughout the world.

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The A’ Design Award for Interior Design is more than just a prize; it is a symbol of excellence and perfection in interior design. It is acknowledged globally and attracts the interest of businesses, individuals, and organisations with a focus on design. Winning the A’ Award is a career-defining accomplishment for designers and a recognition of achievement. The A’ Award attracts the attention of design-focused businesses all around the world, and recipients might obtain better and more prominent employment as well as advance in their lives.

The A’ Interior Design Award winners receive extensive and exclusive marketing and communication services to help them capitalise on their triumph. The winning designs are also included in the A’ best designs book, which is published every year and given to influential magazine editors, businesses that focus on design, and other relevant parties. The top designs will be chosen for the permanent exhibition, and the winning designs are also displayed in our museum. The winners are featured in a variety of publications, including periodicals, newspapers, webzines, and more.

The A’ Award serves as an early predictor of success for concept-stage projects, allowing young designers and design firms to register and patent innovative products for the creation of commercial value. In addition, the A’ Award links young designers and design firms to a sizable industry base and establishes the links between designers, design firms, and producers. The winning concepts are implemented.

For completed projects, receiving the A’ Award adds value to the space and distinguishes it from other examples of conventional architecture. It also serves as an occasion to inform the media about the interior space and inspire press releases. Each winning design receives a trophy, is featured online and in our book of the best designs, receives a certificate and sticker templates to be applied to the products, and also receives the A’ seal of design excellence, which is valid for the duration of the product life cycle without additional fees.

The project’s space usage, user friendliness, functional, and emotional aspects are taken into consideration when choosing the best designs. Entries are also evaluated for their level of innovation, aesthetic appeal, practicality, and usefulness, as well as their ease of realisation and realisation efficiency, ergonomics, and human interaction.

The jury is made up of academic and professional members from all across the world, including department chairs or professors and chief executive officers or head designers of businesses. The A’ Award also includes a focus group jury, made up of regular people, to standardise scoring by removing aesthetic prejudice and form sections, with votes from the professional, academic, and focus group being weighted to decide the outcome.


https://competition.adesignaward. com/competitions/register.php

Registration to A’ Design Award & Competition 2022-2023 period is now open.
Register and upload your design today to know how good your design is: get a complimentary preliminary score.

What to Present?

The Interior Design Award takes into account your proposal on a number of different levels; your project’s design is assessed together with its ability to add value, as well as its aesthetic appeal and how it utilises available space. Applications should include layouts and visitor flow in a pdf file together with high-resolution photographs of the interior area.

Awarding Standards

The best projects are chosen based on how well the interior space is utilised and on its practical and emotional qualities. Entries are also evaluated for their level of innovation, aesthetic appeal, practicality, and usefulness, as well as their ease of realisation and realisation efficiency, ergonomics, and human interaction.

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No additional fees

You are not required to pay any further fees for winning the award, and everything specified in the winners’ advantages will be delivered at no cost, unlike some other design prizes and contests.

Goals and Objectives

The Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award seeks to distinguish your company from other interior architecture players by bestowing a distinguished award on your organisation. This will draw the attention of magazine editors, the architecture media, and architects to your company.


Find out more about the rewards for the winners here. Click here to read more about winners’ services. Check out the winners pack’s contents here as well.


A’ Design Awards & Competitions includes The International Interior Design Awards as one of its major prize categories. Enter your exhibition ideas and interior projects to compete for international acclaim, prestige, publicity, and celebrity.


Results will be Announced to Public on April 15, 2023.
Visit this page on April 15, 2023 to see the worlds’ leading designs, ideas, trends and concepts in 2023.

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