2023 Ultimate Job Titles Guide & Examples

2023 Ultimate Job Titles Guide & Examples

Has your employer assigned you a strange job title? Does nobody understand the true meaning of it? When drafting your resume, is it something you can change? We examine a number of work titles and how each affects a CV.

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What’s a name worth? Well, quite a lot, in fact, in terms of your job hunt.

Your past job titles, which are prominently featured on your resume, will give a brief overview of your professional background. If the reader can understand them, that is.

There has been an odd trend of strange job titles in recent years, but when it comes to the (industry norm) necessity of listing the job title on your CV as it was on your employment offer, this can pose problems.

This article looks at the confusing world of job titles on resumes and what you may do if you were given one of the less frequent variations. We look at:

  • Why is the importance of your work titles to your job search?
  • Is there a set order to the titles of jobs?
  • How to handle a strange job title from the past
  • Typical job titles in 16 important industries
  • Could a vague job title prevent you from gaining the position?

When you state your work title, do people nod knowingly or do they shrug and look perplexed at you?

Why is the title of your current position crucial to your job search?

The first thing a prospective employer will look at when reviewing hundreds of resumes for an open position is the job titles listed in each applicant’s employment history.

Similar to how ATS software runs a keyword check, this initial review of a CV helps weed out the least qualified candidates. If the employer doesn’t grasp what you were doing, an unclear job title can be detrimental if your work history is less than stellar.

Think about the positions you have held in the past. Which ones in the work experience text might require extra explanation? What additional approaches are there to draw attention to the titles?

2023 Key conclusions

When it comes time to describe previous employment on your CV, creative job titles might be a hassle even though they may come out as hilarious or trendy.

An unique job title won’t likely be a deal breaker, but it can confound the ATS or hiring manager.

We advise keeping your two most recent roles’ exact job titles and changing any earlier ones to be a little more broadly recognised.

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