2024 Presidential Election Odds: Who Will Run For President In 2024?

Presidential Election 2024

Donald Trump has a 23.1% chance of being the next US President, according to Ladbrokes, the top political oddsmaker in the UK, which publishes the 2024 election odds. Regarding the incumbent president, Ladbrokes rates Joe Biden’s chances of winning a second term at 16.7%, making him the third-favorite candidate after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (22.2%).

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⭐️ Donald Trump +333 23.1%
⭐️ Ron DeSantis +350 22.2%
⭐️ Joe Biden +500 16.7%
⭐️ Kamala Harris +1200 7.7%
⭐️ Gavin Newsom +1600 5.9%
⭐️ Mike Pence +2000 4.8%
⭐️ Pete Buttigieg +2500 3.8%
⭐️ Michelle Obama +3300 2.9%
⭐️ Nikki Haley +3300 2.9%
⭐️ Hillary Clinton +4000 2.4%
⭐️ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson +5000 2%
⭐️ Mike Pompeo +5000 2%
⭐️ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +6600 1.5%
⭐️ Candace Owens +8000 1.2%
⭐️ Tucker Carlson +10000 1%
⭐️ Andrew Yang +10000 1%
⭐️ Bernie Sanders +10000 1%
⭐️ Kanye West +10000 1%
⭐️ Bill Gates +20000 0.5%
⭐️ Elon Musk +20000 0.5%
⭐️ Joe Rogan +20000 0.5%

Since the market started, Trump has often been the favourite, but this week his neighbour Ron DeSantis is at the top. While touting many of the ideals of the seasoned politician, Florida’s governor has positioned himself as an alternative to the potentially poisonous Trump.

In the meantime, Biden has a +500 (16.7% percent) chance of winning the presidency in 2024. His price is extraordinarily high for a president who is currently in office and seeking reelection. Furthermore, it appears that the Democrats don’t have many other choices. While Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has a 3.8% chance of winning, Vice President Kamala Harris has a 7.7% chance.

In fact, Michele Obama has a 2.9% probability of winning the presidency since the Democratic field for potential 2024 contenders is so undefined.

In the most recent US president odds, Trump and DeSantis are competing. The GOP leaders are far ahead, and DeSantis briefly passed Trump in late June and early July when it appeared that the former president may be charged with crimes related to the rioting on January 6.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s odds of winning in 2024 have recently increased, rising from 14.3% to 15.4% and now to 16.7%. A reliable indicator of voter sentiment should be the midterm elections in November.

According to the most recent changes in presidential odds, California Governor Gavin Newsom (whose 5.9% odds are 50% better than Buttigieg’s odds) could have an impact on this campaign, while Harris’s standing has declined. Currently, it appears that the GOP will prevail in the 2024 election. Who will be on the winning ticket, then, is the next query.

Who Will Run For President In 2024?

The US election in 2024 is still more than two years away, but campaigning will start shortly. On the Democratic side, incumbent Joe Biden is anticipated to run for re-election, while potential candidates for the party’s choice include Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Gavin Newsom.

Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis appears to be the choice of the Republican party in the meantime. The key choice for party members is whether Trump is nationally electable. The previous election was lost by him by seven million votes. Can he make up this shortfall in 2024?

Which Republicans Are Running For President In 2024?

Trump and DeSantis might engage in a fierce battle. DeSantis is a well-liked and significant ally of Trump, who doesn’t back down in a debate. If they wage open battle over the next two years, the two could defeat one another. There isn’t really anyone else who could participate in the GOP debate. Mike Pence’s odds of becoming the next US president are almost +2000. The current race is between two horses.

Donald Trump’s Chances in 2024 Are 23.1%

Trump’s odds in 2024 are +333. According to these chances, he has a 23.1% chance of winning the upcoming US election. For someone who just recently lost the most recent election, it’s a surprising price. Why then do the top bookies offer Trump such favourable odds? The first justification is that Trump still has a strong constituency of devoted supporters. The second is that Trump appears to be in charge of the GOP. The third, too? Because of his dismal polling numbers, any Republican contender would currently be ahead of Biden. Trump’s chances of winning the 2024 election are significantly higher than they were in 2016 or 2020.

2024 President Ron DeSantis Odds = 22.2% Chance

2024 chances for Ron DeSantis are +350. DeSantis, like Trump, is profiting from Biden’s historically low ratings, and DeSantis is creating his own national news. He is also regarded as Trump for the younger generation, making him a strong possibility for a second term. DeSantis might also win over the moderate rust belt voters that Trump failed to win over in 2020. DeSantis’ issue, however, is that he must defeat Trump in the Republican primary to have a chance at winning the White House. Trump’s support for Scott in 2018 helped him win the governorship of Florida.

Chance of Mike Pence becoming president in 2024: 4.8%

The odds of Mike Pence in 2024 are +2000. After the two former running mates fell out over the controversy surrounding the Capitol Riots, where Pence claimed his life was in danger, the former vice president is anticipated to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination in 2024. The majority of analysts predict that Pence won’t appeal to Trump’s supporters, but they do predict that traditional conservatives eager to replace Trump will embrace the veteran politician.

The 2024 odds of Nikki Haley being president are 2.9%.

2024 chances favour Nikki Haley (+3300). Although still far behind candidates like Trump and DeSantis, their odds are not poor relative to those of the majority of Republicans. In fact, Haley’s odds have increased from +1700 in the past year, partly because of DeSantis’ ascent to prominence. When asked how the GOP might retake the White House, the former US ambassador to the UN responded, “Sometimes it takes a woman,” teasing a possible presidential run in 2024.

Odds of Candace Owens Being President in 2024: 1.2%

2024 odds for Candace Owens are +8000. Owens has previously made predictions about whether she would run for president, but the conservative influencer—who will be old enough to do so by the time she turns 35 in 2024—is definitely too young. However, the mere fact that she was mentioned as a potential Trump replacement in the Republican Party indicates that she may soon enter politics.

Which Democrats Are Stakeholders In The 2024 Presidential Election?

A few prominent Democrats are likely to run for president in 2024. Even though incumbents typically run for a second term, President Joe Biden isn’t obligated to do so. In addition to Pete Buttigieg, Gavin Newsom, and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, vice president Kamala Harris might run for the Democratic Party’s candidacy. Here are the most recent odds for some of the Democratic candidates who are most likely to win in 2024.

Re-election odds for Joe Biden in 2024: 16.7% chance

Re-election odds for Joe Biden in 2024 are +500. Even though Biden has poor odds of winning the 2024 presidential election, they are long odds for an incumbent president who is anticipated to run again. Joe Biden will be 81 years old when voters cast ballots in November 2024, which is perhaps the most obvious factor. Although Biden isn’t much older than Trump, many people appear to think that his age affects him more than his former rival.

Chance Kamala Harris Will Be President in 2024: 7.7%

The 2024 odds for Kamala Harris are +1200. Since the beginning of the year, the current vice president’s odds have gotten longer. This isn’t surprising because the former senator’s favorability has decreased during the same time period. If Biden decides not to seek reelection, anticipate Kamala Harris to run; if not, Harris should be on the ticket with Biden as vice president.

Chance of Gavin Newsom becoming president in 2024: 5.9%

The odds for Gavin Newsom in 2024 are +14. The popular governor of California has been in office for the past two years. In order to increase his popularity, he should defeat Brian Dahle in the 2022 race for governor of California. After that, he might consider running for president.

Michelle Obama’s 2024 Presidential Chances are 2.9%.

The odds for Michelle Obama in 2024 are +3300. The former First Lady never disregarded the possibility of seeking the presidency, and she would undoubtedly win over many Democratic voters. Can Obama, like her husband before her, win the middle ground? Perhaps. But the Democrats may be taking a big chance by pitting Obama against Trump. Trump supporters despise the Obamas. The campaign in 2024 might turn out to be quite messy, and the fallout might be even worse.

Chance of Hillary Clinton Being President in 2024: 2.4%

The odds for Hillary Clinton in 2024 are +4000. When she ran for president against outsider Trump in 2016, she was once -186 to win. what a time it is. Despite the fact that the 74-year-old has never declared she will not run for president again, it appears as though she has lost her chance.

President Ocasio-Cortez Odds in 2024: 1.5%

AOC’s odds for 2024 are +6600. A prominent Democrat, The New Yorker is seen as a serious threat to the Republican party. She is electable, well-liked, and succinct. However, at 32, she is too young to run for president at this time; the eligibility age is 35, thus she will be disqualified. Ocasio-odds Cortez’s aren’t changing past +6600, and it’s unlikely that they will decrease during the upcoming months. She’ll probably vote for Harris or Biden in the primary.

Chance of Bernie Sanders becoming president in 2024: 1%

The odds for Bernie Sanders in 2024 are +1000. Perhaps it’s time to bid Sanders’ socialist dream farewell. The 80-year-old has always been portrayed as an outsider, and Jeremy Corbyn’s ascent to the leadership of the Labour Party in the UK around the same time made him a 2016 election contender. With Trump’s victory in 2016, speculation of a socialist revolution in the West was put on hold. Years later, Sanders is in a worse position than ever to win an election.

Will Anyone Not Already In Politics Run For President In 2024?

Many others shrugged it off as a publicity ploy when Trump initially dabbled in the concept of being president in 2013. However, the celebrity businessman’s detractors were unaware of the depth of his growing popularity. Therefore, it is not surprising that betting websites are offering odds on other famous presidents. Here are a few names that just won’t leave your mind.

The Rock’s (Dwayne Johnson) 2024 President Odds = 2% Chance

The Rock has +5000 odds in 2024. In comparison to Candace Owens and Bernie Sanders, Dwayne Johnson, often known as “The Rock,” has a better chance of becoming the next president of the United States. The Rock would undoubtedly be a well-liked candidate, but is he actually considering a run for office? Johnson “might give Trump a run for his money,” according to Trump’s former chief of staff, and there are speculations that he would enter the Democratic primary. However, the bookmakers do not anticipate The People’s Champion to mount a significant challenge in 2024 at his current pricing.

2024 President Odds According to Tucker Carlson: 1% Chance

As August came to a close, Tucker Carlson’s 2024 odds decreased from +6600 to +10000. Carlson, a prominent political commentator and conservative influencer, has been mentioned as a potential contender to transition from the entertainment industry to politics, but there has been no formal word from his team suggesting he might run in 2024. Carlson is well-liked by Republican voters, though, so if he decides to run for any office in politics, he should anticipate a lot of attention.

Chance of Kanye West becoming president in 2024: 1%

The odds for Kanye West in 2024 are +1000. In his unsuccessful independent campaign in 2020, he received 60,000 out of a possible 160 million votes. That is still more than most individuals would receive. When the 2020 election results started to come in, he quickly tweeted “Kanye 2024,” and he might increase his vote share. It will be interesting to watch if he runs under the Birthday Party again.

Joe Rogan’s Chances of Being President in 2024 Are 0.5%

The odds of Joe Rogan in 2024 are +2000. The success of the Joe Rogan Show led to speculation that the host and podcaster will run for office in 2020. But rather than being a full-fledged politician, his role within the GOP is more that of a commentator and a supporter. In a recent interview, Rogan said that DeSantis’ work for Florida is great and that he should be elected president in 2024. He also referred to Biden as a “dead man,” which is a derogatory term among voters.

Chance of Bill Gates being president in 2024 is 0.5%

The probability of Bill Gates in 2024 are +2000. The Microsoft mogul has spent the most of the last ten years concentrating on his charitable endeavours, while there has always been speculation that he would one day run for president. But it seems improbable that 2024 will happen. Because he is “extremely devoted to the work Melinda and I are doing at the Foundation and beyond the Foundation,” Gates stated six years ago that he was not interested in the presidency. Despite the fact that he and Melinda are now separated, he is not yet prepared to run for office.

Chance of Elon Musk Being President in 2024: 0.5%

Elon Musk is valued at +20,000 by some European bookies to win the 2024 election. But they fail to comprehend that Musk was born in South Africa, and therefore US citizens are the only ones eligible to run for president. He’s not qualified.

Explained: Presidential Betting Odds

Before putting a wager, it is crucial to comprehend the presidential betting chances. The odds essentially tell you how much money you would win if you were to stake $100.

Given chances of +200, your total return would be $300 ($200 profit + $100 stake). Never forget that before placing a wager, you can always utilise a bet calculator or look up your risk and reward in your bet slip. The fact that there are more than two candidates on the market explains why political odds are different from those in most sports. This implies that the chances can change drastically.

Imagine it being similar to placing a bet on a horse race months in advance. The odds on Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and everyone else are significantly greater before the primaries because it is impossible to predict who would compete, let alone win.

The odds for the final two candidates in the 2024 presidential election will decrease until it becomes a one-on-one contest. Additionally, your potential profits will be smaller the shorter your odds.

2024 President Predictions

It will be a close election for the White House in 2024. The former president Donald Trump, who has significant influence over the Republican Party, the right-wing media, and his supporters, is on one side of the debate. Trump has a +300 chance of winning the election, but he must first defeat DeSantis (+350).

DeSantis may bring the GOP closer to the centre and win support in the rust belt, where Trump is a polarizer. Here, he cannot be disregarded. The Democrats must make a choice in the meantime. Do they support the unpopular Biden and fully commit to his reelection? Or do they concede defeat, choose a different person to lead the party, and launch a new campaign against the GOP?

Democratic political parties are currently engaged in intense introspection. Obama, Clinton, Buttigieg, Harris, and Newsom. It’s an odd mix of well-known individuals and up-and-comers who haven’t established political legacies. Political betting websites now believe that Trump will win. Nearly 49% of all wagers on this market support Trump. And right now, it’s difficult to imagine someone on the left defeating the former president.

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Donald Trump Wins in 2024

Trump is the betting public’s and bookmakers’ favourite, yet he currently trails Biden in the polls. He can run a successful presidential campaign because he has the financial resources and backing of his expanding base, as well as because he benefits from the division in American society. If anyone believed populist politics were extinct, they were mistaken. Even still, Trump now projects as the favourite against anyone he faces up against once the Democrats pick out who they’re supporting.

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