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Vacationing with your child seems fun. But every parent with a newborn, toddler, or preschooler frets about travel. How does a baby pass past airport security? Getting on and off buses with a 2-year-old? How can the best travel stroller for baby fit in the family car for an epic road trip?

Everyone gets a fantastic travel stroller. This list has everything for everyone, including kids from birth to 6 (plus a double stroller if you’re taking two). Stay sane during toddlerhood with a lightweight stroller. We tried them all, but these travel strollers emphasize on being compact and folding swiftly so you can move like a travel ninja.

List of Some Best Travel Strollers:

Here are some best travel strollers. We chose strollers that fit in small spaces (some in the airplane overhead) and ranked their portability.

1. Bugaboo Butterfly

Best overall travel stroller

Bugaboo Butterfly- Best overall travel stroller

Bugaboo’s high-quality fabric, deep seat, actual sunshade (no skimping on sun protection!), and extendable leg rest are still there, just in a smaller, charming form that’s excellent for travel.

The fold excited one toddler mom tester. “Just push the handle button to fold it and collapse it swiftly. To use our stroller, duck down and push a lever “said. “The Butterfly glides like larger strollers. My son is easy to push uphill with one hand!”

Another note, the folded stroller can stand up, which is great if you need it to wait while you get your child in the car or do something else. No need to lean it. Some customers say the Butterfly takes practice to unfurl since you shake it out and lock it before placing your child inside.


  • The “one-second fold” claim is near.
  • Fits many plane overheads
  • Smooth ride and handling


  • Unfolding requires skill.

Additional Specs:

Ages 6 months+
Weight limit 50 lbs
Stroller weight 16.1 lbs
Folded dimensions 17.7″ x 9″ x 21.3″
Unfolded dimensions 36.4″ x 17.7″ x 40.3″
Basket weight limit 17.6 lbs


2. Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Best Lightweight Travel Stroller

Baby Jogger City Tour 2- Best Lightweight Travel Stroller

This weighs under 15 pounds and has molded rubber wheels that can handle sandy beach paths. Tester said, “We risked rolling this on a Puerto Rico nature route and it worked great! Since it was hot, we preferred this to placing the 1-year-old in an infant carrier.” City Tour 2 glides through streets. This chair has a deep seat that reclines virtually flat, a comfortable calf rest, and a large sun canopy.

Simple handle button squeeze starts the fold. Though it can stand, it won’t fit in an airplane overhead when folded. Airport gate-checking is straightforward with its carry bag. Tall parents may struggle to push the handle at little about 40 inches.


  • Handles rough surfaces better than most travel strollers
  • Standing when folded, the seat reclines nearly flat for infants.


  • Folds less compactly than others.

Additional Specs:

Ages 3 months+
Weight limit 45 lbs
Stroller weight 14 lbs
Folded dimensions 23.4″ x 7.5″ x 19.4″
Unfolded dimensions 39.5″ x 19.6″ x 37.7″
Basket weight limit 15 lbs
Carry bag Included

3. Colugo Compact

Best Flying Travel Stroller

Colugo Compact- Best Flying Travel Stroller

Many of our options fold and are portable, making them ideal for flying. If you fly frequently—four or five times a year to and from grandparents—we enjoy that the Compact may be carried in multiple ways.

Airport kids constantly get in and out of their strollers, so it’s crucial. Sling this over your shoulder on a moving path with one arm holding your child using the rear carry strap. Put the stroller in the supplied backpack-style bag to carry your child and wear it on your back as you board the airline, where it can fit in most overhead compartments. If the flight crew says the overheads are full, the bag makes gate-checking easy.


  • Tiny fold fits in plane
  • Travel bag is backpack-style.
  • Back strap for easy carrying


  • Would love more constant stock.
Ages 6 months+
Weight limit 55 lbs
Stroller weight 16 lbs
Folded dimensions 17” x 24” x 10”
Unfolded dimensions 17” x 26” x 41″
Basket weight limit 10 lbs
Carry bag Included

4. Nuna TRVL

Best travel roller for frequent travelers

Nuna TRVL - Best travel roller for frequent travelers

If travel is part of your lifestyle, don’t skimp on this comfy, well-made compact stroller, which has a carry bag, a magnetic buckle to quickly snap your baby in place, and a no-rethread utilize to adjust the shoulder-strap size as your child grows.

The lightweight Nuna Pipa infant car seat, which rests against the bumper bar, can be used with the TRVL from birth to 50 pounds (usually approximately age 6).

All-wheel suspension makes this stroller feel bigger. Other selections can hold more than the underseat basket. Fans of the TRVL love the fold, which can be done with one hand while holding your infant. It stands alone when folded. This stroller is just a few inches too big for an aircraft overhead bin, so gate-check it.


  • Simple one-handed folding
  • Birth to age 6.
  • All-wheel suspension for comfort


  • Maybe worth it if you travel regularly.

Additional Specs:

Ages Birth+
Weight limit 50 lbs
Stroller weight 13.6 lbs
Unfolded dimensions 32.5″ x 20″ x 44″
Folded dimensions 11″ x 24″ x 20″
Basket weight limit 10 lbs
Carry bag Included

5. Zoe the Twin+

Best Double Travel Stroller

Zoe the Twin+ - Best Double Travel Stroller

Two-person travel? This stroller is “the best double stroller for Disney” according to testers. It fits Disney park size criteria yet weighs less than 20 pounds, making it easy to travel and stand up when folded.

For lengthy, sunny journeys, each seat features a wide cover, separate reclines so either kid can lay back, and bumper bars for toys and to deter preschoolers from jumping out when they see Mickey. The handle is tall enough for tall parents, but the basket is little and under the seats. The Twin+ has one parent cupholder and offers stroller carry straps and a storage bag.


  • Each child gets a huge canopy and recliner.
  • Stroller stands when folded.
  • Lightweight double stroller under 20 pounds


  • Large doubles can’t fold as small.

Additional Specs:

Ages 3 months+
Weight limit 45 lbs per seat, 90 lbs total
Stroller weight 19 lbs
Unfolded dimensions 29″ x 40.25″ x 33″
Folded dimensions 28″ x 29″ x 9″
Basket weight limit Not available
Carry bag Sold separately

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How to select a best travel stroller for kids

Please consider these features while buying a travel stroller for your toddler:

  • How tiny must it be to fold? A travel stroller that fits in the overhead bin will allow you to roll it onto the plane and put it there.
  • A carry bag is a useful backup while flying. If the plane is too busy to accommodate your stroller in the overhead, a carry bag allows you to gate-check it. Many families, including our Lab specialists, plan to start with gate-check. You roll your child to the gate, wait for boarding, fold and pack the stroller, and have the airline tag it so you can pick it up on the jet bridge when the plane lands and walk your child to baggage claim.
  • Be sure to check Disney Park requirements before visiting. A park day requires a stroller no larger than 31 inches broad and 52 inches long, no stroller wagons.
  • Pay attention to age grading. Young infants are hazardous and uncomfortable in strollers until 6 months or older. When traveling with a newborn, choose a stroller that works from birth. It may need to hold your newborn car seat. Check with your pediatrician to determine your baby’s weight and height, and study your stroller’s criteria to make sure it’s right. If you can’t use the stroller for a few months, try a baby carrier.
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