5 Free Tools that Will Help You Rank #1 on Google

5 Free Tools that Will Help You Rank #1 on Google

The first tool is Ubersuggest. You visit Ubersuggest and enter a URL. What is its purpose? It will reveal how much traffic that website receives. How many backlinks do the best websites have? What are the most common keywords? Or, you can enter a keyword and it will provide you with a list of all the other prominent keywords for which you can rank. One of my favorite features of Ubersuggest is the potential to rank number one.

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What’s also cool about Ubersuggest is that their SEO analyzer will analyze your website and inform you which errors to fix first, second, and third based on impact. Additionally, you can establish a project for free. Enter the keywords for which you wish to rank. If you do not have any keywords, it will recommend some. And it will advise you what you must do each week to improve your rankings.

The second instrument is Subscribers. Consider that in SEO, branding is a major factor in rankings. Google desires to evaluate brand names. They have even stated that they visit websites such as the New York Times or the Internal Revenue Service. On the other side, they visit websites like Joe the Plumber.

Now you can request people’s email addresses, but many individuals dislike providing them. However, subscribers receive text notifications. When someone visits your website, prompt them within the browser to subscribe. They simply select yes or no. Then you can send them browser-based notifications.

The third tool is Google Search Console. My favorite feature of Google Search Console is that whenever you view a page’s traffic-driving keywords, it displays all the keywords that drive traffic to that page.

Examine all the keywords you included and all the keywords you omitted from the content. Because even if you are receiving traffic from some of these keywords and receiving many impressions but few views, it may be because you did not include the keyword in the page’s title, meta description, or content.

The fourth tool is Answer The Public. It is one of my favorite tools because it allows you to see keyword opportunities in a visual format. Enter a keyword, and it will display these other opportunities in a very attractive manner. And it primarily displays queries people are asking. Because, as you can see, the majority of Google searches are inquiries. Reply to them. And responding public questions will reveal which ones you should be answering to increase traffic. Thus, you can attract millions of visitors like Quora.

BuzzSumo, the fifth tool, is BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo displays the most popular content on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networks. If you’re going to create content, you want it to be widely distributed. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain shares on social networks. Using BuzzSumo, however, you can determine what has been successful and what has not.

Do the things that are working instead of the things that are not. Even for your competitors, you can enter their domain name and view their most popular pages to determine what you should be doing.

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