5 Reasons to Visit Dhow Cruise Marina

Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina

Visit Dubai Marina to explore the beauty of the man-made wonder. This is a man-made canal city that is made to promote tourism. Taking a Dubai Dhow cruise marina, you can witness the beauty and glory of the Dubai Marina while cruising on the water. A cruise that passes by the luxury hotels, sky-touching buildings, Palm Jumeirah Island lets the visitors experience the modern infrastructure. If you are in Dubai then you must visit this cruise as it will let you feel relaxed.

Let’s see the following five reasons:

Magnificent Views:

Eye-catching views of Marina landmarks, excellent hospitality and delicious dinner is what make the entire tour an exceptional experience. At the marina cruise, you are never gonna feel bored because this dhow cruise marina dubai has various entertaining activities to keep everyone’s mood happy.

Dubai Marina Cruise allows the visitor to view the captivating views of the Dubai skyline from a unique perspective. Sailing in the waters of Dubai on a traditional wooden vessel, with soft music running in the background, and enjoying the delicious dinner created by the top-class chiefs provides a memorable experience to the visitors. 

The overall marina cruise tour offers countless opportunities for capturing incredible selfies and pictures of the marvellous views and the modern infrastructure that can not be found anywhere else in the whole world. That’s why countless tourists visit the dhow cruise in the marina each year.  

Peaceful Atmosphere:

When the visitors get onboard, they experience great hospitality. Mostly they are served with refreshments including juices, and dates etc. This refreshment is provided according to the selected package. Various price packages are offered to serve all the visitors. So that the visitors who can not pay a high amount can see the mesmerising view of the Dubai Marina from the cruise. They can also feel the peaceful atmosphere and can make the moment memorable. 

Customised Events:

If an event is coming in the next few days and you want to make it memorable then the best way to celebrate is on dubai dhow cruise marina. You can have all the family members on board easily because of two seating arrangements, the upper and lower deck. Keep in mind each cruise has a specific capacity and it can not take more persons than its limits. 

Helps to keep the Mind Relax:

Touring the dhow marina is one of the best ways to relax and have a wonderful holiday. You can arrange birthday parties, events and much more. The live Tanura dance and music enhance the beauty of the moment.

A dhow marina cruise, with shimmering lights, takes visitors to explore the beauty of Dubai and its waterways. A cruise consists of two decks, a fully air-conditioned and a partially open-air deck that allows you to see the wonderful views of the Dubai marina and lets you enjoy the touch of the breeze. Visitors can choose the seating as per their wish.  

Live Entertainment:

A dhow cruise contains something for people of all ages to keep everyone happy and entertained such as live music, traditional dance shows, and magic shows. Marina dhow cruise dubai offers a wide range of entertainment and fun activities. Tanura is a traditional Turkish dance that is performed by a professional dancer wearing a decorated and beautiful gown. It adds more joy and happiness to the moment. 

Final Words:

Once dhow vessels were the means of goods transportation but over time nowadays they are turned into beautiful floating restaurants. Today, the tour of Dubai dhow cruise marina has become one of the best ways to explore Dubai Marina, its skyscrapers and the beauty of modern architecture, and Dubai’s most famous skyline. 

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