6 Things to Know About International Driver’s License

International Driving Permit

An official translation of your International Driver’s License is included in an international driving permit, also known as an international driving licence. It is distributed through a global network of AIT/FIA organisations, all of whom have official government authorization to distribute IDPs. If a traveller wishes to drive outside of their home country, they are typically required to acquire an IDP. If you have an IDP, you can drive abroad without taking any more exams or submitting any additional applications. You must submit an application for an IDP in the nation that awarded you a national driving licence before you depart. Your national driving licence is not replaced by IDP; rather, it is an addition to it. You must always have both your national driving licence and your IDP with you in order to drive in other countries.

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What is an International Driver’s License?

When used in conjunction with a valid US driver’s licence, an international driver’s licence (more properly known as a “international driving permit,” or IDP) permits you to lawfully operate a motor vehicle in 174 other countries. Your name, picture, and driver details are all included. If you are a permanent US resident who is at least 18 years old and has a driver’s licence that will be valid for at least six months after the IDP is issued, you are eligible for an IDL/IDP. Many rental car companies may additionally demand or advise getting an overseas driving permit. Here is all the information you require regarding this practical document that will enable you to take the wheel on the ideal business or holiday.

It’s not recognized everywhere

You are only permitted to drive lawfully in those nations that accept your IDL/IDP, not in all of them. Here is a complete list of the nations taking part. The absence of the People’s Republic of China from this list is notable. You need a Chinese driver’s licence in order to legally drive in China.

Where to get an International Driver’s License

The American Automobile Association is the only institution in the country that issues international driver’s licences (permits) (AAA). Automobile owners are urged to get these from AAA by the US State Department. Any other company is probably executing a fraud, according to the US Federal Trade Commission. You can get an international driver’s licence from AAA without having to be a member. At your nearby AAA branch, you can apply in person. Here you can locate the local AAA office. As an alternative, you can mail the AAA your application and any necessary supporting documents.

How to get an International Driver’s License

If you are a permanent resident of the US and already have a US-issued driver’s licence, you can get an IDP (technically known as a “international driving permit” or IDP) from either the AAA or the AARP. Do the following in order to get an IDP from AAA: Apply for the AAA IDP programme. Bring the completed application, your current US driver’s licence, two passport-sized pictures of yourself, and cash, a check, or a credit card to pay the $20 charge when you visit your neighbourhood AAA branch. (However, it’s possible that some branches won’t accept cash or specific credit cards, so be sure you have a legitimate means of payment before you go.) For an extra cost, you might be able to get your passport photographed at some AAA locations. An IDP is additionally available from AAA via mail. Send the completed application form, two passport photos, copies of your front and back driver’s licence, a check or money order for the $20 permit fee, and, if you’d like, additional postage for your IDP to be sent via express mail, to the address provided here.

How to use the International Driver’s License / Permit

You can lawfully drive in 174 nations thanks to your IDP. If you do not have a current US driver’s licence, it will not be accepted. You must also have your driver’s licence on you because an IDP does not serve as proof of your ability or competence to drive. You do not have any special advantages, rights, discounts, or perks as a result of your IDP. Anyone advertising a “international driver’s licence” that offers additional benefits above an IDP is operating a fraud (see section 6).

 I am a foreign driver traveling to the US. Can I obtain an IDP in the US?

No. A valid international driver’s licence and an IDP from the same nation where your licence was issued are required if you are travelling to the United States from another country and intend to drive. You do not need an IDP to drive in the US, according to the US government. To travel on their public highways, some states may need you to have an IDP, but many others do not. Among the states that don’t demand an IDP but merely a legitimate foreign driver’s licence are California, Massachusetts, and Arizona. Even yet, these states usually advise getting an IDP because it will be printed in English and will make it easier to communicate if you need help while driving or are in an accident.

 What’s the difference between international driving permit and international driver’s license?

Many individuals have seen advertisements for “international driver’s licences” that promise these documents may accomplish a variety of tasks, including serving as a driver’s licence, a form of identification, or a means of obscuring your identity. This is all untrue. There are no international driver’s licences. Only foreign driving permits are available (IDPs). IDPs are exclusively granted by two organisations in the United States (AAA and AATA). IDPs are permits, not ID cards or driver’s licences, and without a valid driver’s licence, they won’t even be accepted.

FAQs  International Driving Permit (IDP)


In some nations, in addition to your domestic driver’s licence, you must also have an International Driving Permit (IDP). Driving in any foreign nation while carrying an IDP is strongly advised. Understanding IDPs


A little help never hurts, even though getting an international driving permit is a reasonably straightforward process. You can discover how to pick up your IDP now and be ready for your international holiday with some helpful advice from Auto Europe. IDP Advice


An International Driving Permit can be ordered by Americans travelling overseas online or in person at their neighbourhood American Automobile Association (AAA) chapter. In the US, AAA is the only IDP supplier with certification. How to obtain an IDP


You can order your IDP online if you want to avoid having to visit your neighbourhood AAA. Your IDP will be mailed to you when you complete a brief application process and pay a nominal charge of about $20. IDP Order Online


The American Automobile Association (AAA), which offers applications for international driving permits, and Auto Europe can assist you in the appropriate route. Request an IDP


You must finish a brief application in order to get an international driving permit. The application asks for basic personal information, including name, address, date of birth, and domestic driver’s licence number. Information on IDP Applications

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