8 Best WordPress Web Stories Plugins For 2023

8 Best WordPress Web Stories Plugins For 2023

Google has just recently launched a new product called Google Web Stories, by using this you can easily earn $ 50-$100 a day, even if you do not have much technical knowledge, you can earn money by creating Web Stories. 

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On this blog of ours, we tell you about the method of Blogging and Online Earning, in which we have already told you many ways, this is a completely new thing, where very few people are creating content, due to which you can earn more. Traffic can be found.

You will need Plugins to create good Web Stories, so today we will give you information about some Best Plugins For Web Stories and whoever wants to earn lakhs of rupees every month by using it must read this article completely.

What are Web Stories?

All the old bloggers among you will know very well what a web story is and how it works, but those who do not have complete knowledge about it, I want to tell them that Google is available in all Android mobiles. There is an app named Stories in which a section named Stories has been added.

The way Instagram Stories works, it works somewhat like the same, it has many slides in which text is written on photos and you can also apply effects on the text so that the story can become a bit interesting.

In the present time, all the people who are making Web Stories on their site are being promoted by Google themselves and their site gets millions of traffic daily.

How do Web Stories work?

When you create a blog on WordPress, you get a lot of features there, which you can use even without coding knowledge, like if you want to design your site, then all the Free Themes are also available on WordPress for that. which works very well.

In the same way, Plugins come for different purposes, which can make many of your tasks easier. You will also be told about the best Plugin for creating Web Stories, but before that you should know how Web Stories work. Does

There are two plugins named Google Web Stories and Make Stories on WordPress, using which you can create Web Stories, then they are shown in Google Discover. The more people click on your Story, the more traffic will come to your site.

If you have Google Adsense Approve on your site and you have created more than 8 slides in the web story, then some ads are shown between those slides, whenever someone clicks on them, you will get money in return, which is a Google Adsense Account. 

You can also promote the content written by you in Web Stories, by doing this good traffic can go on your content or whatever you have linked elsewhere.

Best Plugins to Create Web Story in 2023

Now we will tell you about some important WordPress Plugins, with the help of which you can create good web stories and can bring a lot of traffic by showing them in Discover, for this we have given you all the plugins mentioned below, you can download them all take.

You will find all these in the WordPress Plugins option, just go to Plugin > Add New Plugin and search and install the name of the Plugin we have told you.

  1. Google Web Stories
  2. Rank Math Seo
  3. Google Site Kit
  4. UpdraftPlus
  5. WP-Rocket
  6. Short Pixel
  7. AMP
  8. Ad Inserter
  1. Google Web Stories Officially Plugin

To create Web Stories, you will need this Plugin, just like the Gutenberg Editor in Google Docs or WordPress to write articles, this Plugin is used to create Web Stories in the same way.

Here you have to make Slides and after adding Images in them, you can write whatever text you want, then whatever Effects you want to put in them or give Background Color, you can do all kinds of things.

Finally, the name, description & URL of the Web Story has to be published by writing it, in this way the Google Web Stories Plugin is used.

  1. Rank Math Seo

Due to this plugin, you get ease of working like if you publish an article on your site, then you have to do On-Page Seo in it, but those who do not know about it, they face some problem.

With the help of this Rank Math Seo, you can check On-Page Seo Score and you are told where there is a mistake.

To get Web Stories indexed, you have to create a Web Story Sitemap, for that you can create a Web Story Sitemap for free with the help of Rank Math Seo Plugin.

For that just setup it by installing Rank Math Seo, then enable Web Stories in Modules and go to Sitemap Settings and turn on Include In Settings.

  1. Google Site Kit

When you have to check the traffic of your site, then you have to see its Google Analytics or you have to see Google Search Console for which keywords the article is ranking on.

And in the same way, to see how many Pageviews were done on Adsense or CTR, Clicks, RPM etc., one has to go to the website of Google Adsense, a lot of time is spent in all these works.

So that’s why Google has brought its own Plugin called Google Site Kit, in which you can see everything about your site in one place. The only condition for this is that the email ID with which you have created the blog, all the things should be linked to the same ID.

Like many people create another email ID to create a Google Adsense Account, then they cannot get the benefit of it, in the beginning they have to give permission just once, then they can see all these things comfortably in one place.

  1. UpdraftPlus

I consider this Plugin very useful because there is a lot of data on your site, if it will be deleted even by mistake, then all your hard work will be spoiled, so you can use this Plugin.

With the help of this, you can take backup of your site, many images are uploaded while making web stories, data goes many times by changing the server, if you have backup data, then by uploading it, you can get everything back again. Can

With this plugin, whenever you want, you can do complete data backup of your site.

     5. WP-Rocket

If you are a blogger, then you will know very well how much Site Speed ​​matters for ranking. If the speed of your site is not good then Google will never rank your site.

WP-Rocket helps a lot to increase the loading speed of the site, for that you just have to do some settings, after that the loading speed of your site becomes very good.

It also works very well in Web Stories, if the loading speed of your site is good, only then your Web Stories are shown in Google Discover.

If you do not know how to use WP-Rocket, then search by writing “Best Settings For WP-Rocket”, after applying the settings mentioned there, your site will become as fast as Rocket.

      6. Short Pixel

Those who have been blogging for a few days, they will know very well that Image Optimization is also a part of On-Page Seo, in which all the photos you want to put in the article have to be optimized first or their size. have to reduce.

Now a lot of photos are needed to make Web Stories, now it will take a lot of time to optimize so many photos, for this you should also add the Short Pixel Plugin to your WordPress Plugin List.

With the help of this, you will not have to optimize the photo again and again, it does it automatically, that is why you must install this plugin in your site.

    7. AMP

According to Google, the sooner your site opens, the more it is beneficial for you, it directly benefits your ranking. By installing AMP Plugin, your site opens immediately in Mobile and Google likes it very much.

If you make Web Stories, then you must have seen AMP Issue in Indexing there, if you want to fix it, then you can convert your blog to AMP with this plugin, so that you can fix the error coming in Web Stories Indexing. .

   8. Ad inserter

Google Adsense is considered the best way to earn money from Web Stories, to place ads in Web Stories, you will need this plugin called Ad Inserter. If you have ever worked on Web Stories before, then you would know that such good clicks are not available in Web Stories.

Due to which more Earning is not possible than Ads, so add the link of your post to the web story and you can earn money by showing Ads in the article with this Ad Inserter Plugin.

This is the method by which today many bloggers are able to earn thousands of dollars every month from Web Stories. If you also want to earn money then you can use this method.

If you create Web Stories for countries like USA, UK, Germany instead of India, then you can get more money because CPCs of these countries are good.

Final Words

Today we have told you about Best Plugins For Web Stories, which can be very useful for you, if you are not able to get traffic in blogging or you are not able to earn, then definitely make Web Stories.

You will get a lot of benefit from this because it has just started, so due to the low competition, traffic of lakhs can be easily brought. I hope you got a lot of information from this article.

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