844 Area Code: A Toll Free Number Can Help Your Business

Your phone number’s first three digits can reveal a lot about your company, including where it is located, the clients it services, and how long it has been in operation. The area code, which is the first three digits of a North American phone number, lets callers know where a phone number is physically located. For example, a 212 area code is for New York, a 310 area code is for Los Angeles, and an 844 area code covers the majority of North America. Choosing an 844 phone number over a local number when you don’t want to bind your company to a single location demonstrates to customers that you are prepared to serve them across the entire continent. There are also toll-free 844 numbers.

Customers assess a company’s size and level of professionalism based on this information, as well as their knowledge of the location of the company’s headquarters and the regions it services. We’ll see later that a lot of people make assumptions about toll-free numbers.

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Learn more about the area code 844, its advantages, and how to secure an 844 number for your organisation by reading on.

844 Phone Numbers for your business.

Get a toll-free 844 number to make your company appear bigger, more established, and national.

Get 844 Numbers for Your Business

Like 800, the area code 844 is a toll-free number. Calls that are prepaid by the recipient rather than the caller are indicated by a prefix of 8. There are numerous additional choices that work in the same way as toll-free calling; however, most people think of 800 numbers when they think of toll-free calling.

Why choose an 844 area code?

The telecommunications sector has to expand beyond 800 numbers due to the popularity of toll free phones. They added the area codes 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 to provide the country’s businesses more options. All of these numbers permit free calls, therefore the cost of the call is borne by the company rather than the user.

Fearful that a toll-free 844 number might not be? Not to worry! These numbers are now generally recognised and considered as real alternatives to 800 numbers.

All the choices are available on Grasshopper, along with local phone numbers. Numerous 844 numbers are available right now.


What is an 844 area code number?
How toll-free numbers work for US and Canadian callers
844 area code vs. other toll-free area codes
Benefits of toll-free phone numbers

1. Show your professionalism
2. Build a memorable brand
3. Attract more customers
4. Get a distinct area code
How to get an 844 area code
Get an 844 area code with OpenPhone

What is an 844 area code number?

A toll-free number in North America is one that starts with the prefix “844”. This implies that all calls to 844 numbers from the US, Canada, and more than a dozen other North American countries and territories are always free.

Consumers can contact your company without worrying about long-distance fees whether they are current or potential customers. Your callers won’t have to frantically look at the clock, which means you can take your time to deliver a positive customer experience.

Your present and new clients can contact you for free from any North American Numbering Plan member when you have an 844 area code (NANP). These 20 countries and territories are:

  • The United States, including territories like Puerto Rico
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Bermuda
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Canada
  • The Cayman Islands
  • Dominica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • Montserrat
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Sint Maarten
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Turks and Caicos Islands

How toll-free numbers work for US and Canadian callers

Toll-free calls are always free for callers in the United States and Canada because both nations are a part of the North American Numbering Plan. Your team members can phone your leads and clients without charging them.

Any expenses are passed on to your company, but you may completely avoid them if you use a VoIP service like OpenPhone, which provides free unlimited calling in the US and Canada.

Calling a toll-free number is the same as dialling a local number for callers.

844 area code vs. other toll-free area codes

One of the seven toll-free area code numbers is 844. The remaining numbers are 888, 800, 833, 855, 866, and 877. Callers can reach you for free using any phone number with these area codes because they all function in the same way.

Due to the fact that the Federal Communications Commission introduced the 800 and 888 numbers as the initial toll-free codes, many businesses choose to use them (FCC). As a result, customers are more likely to recognise them as free phone numbers.

The availability of the area code 844 is a plus, though. Low stock is available for 800 numbers. Today, it’s still common to find numbers with obscure area codes, such as 844 and 855. A wider range of digit combinations are available. This makes it simpler to obtain a vanity number that is simple for callers to remember, such as 1-844-ACADEMY.

Advantages of toll-free numbers

Getting a toll-free number can help you expand your business, regardless of whether your clients are in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, or any other place that supports the 844 area code. Here are four arguments in favour of using toll-free numbers rather than regional area codes.

1. Display professionalism.

In general, you may presume that a call from an 844 number is coming from a company. Toll-free numbers are therefore perceived as being more professional than local numbers.

Instead of concentrating on clients in your surrounding location, using the 844 area code lets customers know that you are a company and that you service individuals all over the continent. Your clients will feel secure knowing they can still get in touch with you if they need you even while they are in another NANP country.

Additionally, given that con artists are increasingly using fake local area codes, some customers might feel more at ease answering calls from trusted company numbers.

For companies who provide 24/7 lines, toll-free numbers are an excellent option. The 844 area number might convince customers that they won’t need to consider time zones before calling.

2. Create a recognisable brand

You have the choice to select a vanity number that is extremely memorable when you choose a toll-free phone number. Instead of picking a random sequence of digits, pick a number that corresponds to a word associated with your brand (think 1-800-FLOWERS). There are many phone numbers available with the area code 844.

3. Attract more customers

If you have a local number, customers and potential customers in foreign NANP nations might be hesitant to call your company. By doing so, you would be subject to long-distance charges.

However, having an 844 area code demonstrates to your customers that you have their backs. You might receive more inbound calls from clients or leads outside of your immediate area as you’ll be paying for their expenses.

4. Obtain a unique area code

Having a toll-free number makes you more distinctive from the competition. You can set yourself apart from the typical business by having a distinctive area code that no other nearby phone numbers share. A toll-free number is comparable to a premium web address.

How to get an 844 area code

The easiest way to get an 844 phone number for your company is to select a VoIP service provider that enables toll-free calling. There is no physical setup required for VoIP phone systems because they operate through an internet connection. Obtaining a toll-free number is frequently a requirement for signing up.

Additionally, some VoIP systems enable toll-free text messaging (OpenPhone supports SMS and MMS), allowing users in the US, Canada, and other countries covered by the North American Numbering Plan to text you for no charge.

  • Here are the four steps required to use OpenPhone to obtain a toll-free number with the area code 844:
  • To begin your free trial, go to my.openphone.co/signup.
  • Enter your email address or use Google to log in.
  • Choose your OpenPhone digits. You can either input a specific toll-free area code, like “844”, or tap on “Toll-free numbers.”

To begin the trial, enter your credit card details. We’ll even kindly remind you before your trial expires! You can cancel at any moment and won’t be charged until after the trial.

Then, using an internet-capable device, you may utilise your toll-free number with the OpenPhone web, desktop, or mobile app. Regardless of the sort of phone number you have, making and answering calls via the OpenPhone app is as straightforward as doing so on a cell phone.

Have a current 844 phone number that is connected to a landline, a mobile device, or is active with another provider? By porting your phone number, you can move it to OpenPhone. It is simple and free. Just complete our one-minute porting form, and we’ll handle the rest!

Get an 844 area code with OpenPhone

If your clientele are located all over North America, having a toll-free 844 phone number will help you draw in more business and demonstrate your authenticity as a company.

You make your company more approachable and welcome for everyone in your desired client base by allowing individuals to call you for free. Additionally, an 844 number makes it simple to access vanity numbers that support brand building.

It’s simple to obtain an 844 area code phone number with OpenPhone that can be used for both calls and messages.

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