Are You The One? Season 8: Where Are They Now?

Are You The One? Season 8:

Have the cast of Are You The One? season 8 found love after the show? We have all the details.

It’s worth speculating whether Paramount’s Are You The One? will follow the same pattern as season 8 on MTV as fans of reality dating shows continue to wait for the program’s official release date. The most recent season, which debuted in 2019, was the first reality dating programme to feature candidates who identified as sexually fluid. All of the candidates in season 8 were bisexual and were free to be matched with anyone in the Hawaiian villa, as opposed to ten heterosexual men looking for partners among ten heterosexual women.

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Of course, it’s always a great exercise to look back and catch up with what the previous cast members are doing these days as fans continue to anticipate the new international season of Are You The One. Even if it’s disappointing to see that none of the season 8 couples are still together, it will be worthwhile to check up with the cast in 2022.

Truth Booth Match Ups

Couple Week Result
Justin & Nour 1 Not A Match
Brandon & Remy 2 Not A Match
Jenna & Kai 3 Not A Match
Danny & Jenna 4 Not A Match
Kari & Kylie 5 Not A Match
Aasha & Brandon 6 A Perfect Match
Jasmine & Jenna 7 Not A Match
Paige & Remy 8 Not A Match
Amber & Max 9 Not A Match
Amber & Kylie 10 Not A Match


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