Best Love’s Truck Stop Near Me In Shreveport, Louisiana

At least 100 New Braunfels locals have put up placards opposing the construction of a new truck stop near I-35.
New Braunfels residents push back against plans for Love’s Truck Stop

The construction of a new truck stop adjacent to many New Braunfels homes has sparked opposition from dozens of locals.

Some others believe there is no need for the Love’s Truck Stop, which developers want to build beside northbound I-35. The site is marked as a developer’s dream on a wooden sign, but the neighbours are concerned that it might cause problems.

In the areas close to the I-35 corridor, there are many placards that state “Stop Loves NB Truck Stop.”

According to Jonathan McJunkin, a neighbouring resident who lives in one of the areas off of I-35, “there are easily 100 (signs), and we still get people asking for them every day.”

Planning diagrams from the City of New Braunfels show that some homes would be 200 feet or less away from the Loves Truck Stop. Online announcements regarding the potential zoning change have been made.

Within a mile of the location of the proposed truck stop, there is already a truck stop, according to McJunkin.

Before the project is presented to the city council in New Braunfels, it is now being reviewed by the planning commission.

Developers requested extra time to complete a traffic impact analysis for the area at a meeting in June.

A representative for one of the engineers said during the meeting, “In talking through this, I’m going to go ahead and recommend we postpone it so the engineer, the city, and TxDOT can iron this out.”

The commission was supposed to consider it at its meeting this week, but engineers requested more time.

McJunkin supports expansion wholeheartedly, but he wants it to be done wisely.

“Truck drivers are needed. They are essential to our ability to function, “he said. “We are simply asking the community to participate and raise issues. Is there an ideal location for this?

The subject will be discussed in the planning commission’s meeting on September 8th, according to the public notice.


Exit: 172
Street Address: 2129 WASHINGTON RD
State: GA
Postal Code: 30824
Phone: 706-843-9833 (TRAVEL CENTER)
Phone 2: 706-843-9833 (CHESTER’S FRIED CHICKEN)
Phone 3: 706-843-9833 (SUBWAY)
Fax: 706-843-9835
Unleaded: 3.099
Diesel: 4.949
Bulk Def: 4.089
Propane: 4.599
# of Parking Spots: 50
# of Reserved Parking Spots: 0
# of Paid Parking Spots: 0
# of Fuel Lanes: 8
# of Showers: 5
# of Truck Service Bays: 2

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