Black Friday in USA in 2022

Black Friday 2023

Black Friday 2023

Back in the 1950s, a factory trade publication used the term “Black Friday” to describe workers who called in ill so they could have four days off over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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The phrase wasn’t frequently used until a few decades later in Philadelphia, where the streets would fill with people and become known as “Black Friday.” The phrase was then used by newspapers to describe how law police dealt with big gatherings. Some claim that the phrase originated from the day’s financial success. Black Friday was an apt name since it helped retailers become “in the black,” as the rest of the year’s sales frequently fell behind or were “in the red.”

The New York Times coined the phrase to characterise the shopping day in 1975, and it quickly gained popularity. The phrase has spread across America in recent years and is now a typical name for the day following Thanksgiving.

Black Friday is growing more popular even in Europe as businesses exploit it to promote the holiday shopping season and offer numerous sales on that day (headed by US internet merchants like Amazon). At fact, as shoppers compete for discounts in supermarkets, the UK frequently holds its own version of the original Black Friday celebration in Philadelphia.

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The US gold market crash of 1869, which caused numerous investors to lose substantial sums of money, was the first occurrence that came to be known as Black Friday.


How long until Black Friday?

Black Friday is in 55 days.

Dates of Black Friday

2024 Friday, November 29thBlack Friday
2023 Friday, November 24thBlack Friday
2022 Friday, November 25thBlack Friday
2021 Friday, November 26thBlack Friday
2020 Friday, November 27thBlack Friday

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